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Hello! Mr and Mrs to be. Planning for a grand wedding and make it unique by sending a personalized digital invitation.

So here we are, with a wide range of colorful digital wedding invitations that make your wedding exceptional. In this new generation of technology, everybody is digitized. We have a wide range of cards, templates, and designs that you can make your choice from. Weddings are done to be remembered and what more than cherishing a beautiful card that takes you down memory lane and reminds you about your beautiful day- The Wedding. Our adorable Evites include the following list of cards:

    • Digital Wedding Invitations (Evite)
    • Digital Wedding Invitation made from your pictures
    • Video Wedding Invitation
    • Save the Date E-cards
    • All Function E-Invitations

E Wedding Cards

With this super technology of sending e wedding cards, you not only save your time and energy but also have a lasting impression among your friends and family. We provide impeccable designs and stunning graphical assistance that makes it look beautiful and your guests amazed.

You can send your E wedding cards through mobile phone apps or mail it to your friends and guests. These E-cards include theme, destination, timings, and other information about the wedding. Parekh cards give you an assurance that all designers working on these cards will work with all efficiency and strike to personalize the Evite for you the way you want it to be. All you need to do is press a button and select your guest list (Tadaa! Your work is done.)

With this new generation of e-invites, you are doing a noble cause by saving paper. With this sustainable and eco-friendly way, you can give a beautiful and wonderful gift to nature.


Wedding Evites

The other aspect of e-invites is sending a beautiful fusion wedding evites video. This video can be your love story or a great love wedding testimony that can add a personal touch to your wedding invitation. In your busy schedule, you tend you forget a few guests but with digital wedding invitations, you can dedicate your wedding invitation message to your guests.

The best part about us is that we provide you a wide array of designs for saving the date and other wedding announcements. With this new age technology, you can make your wedding a beautiful event to remember.

So let's Go Green with smart, efficient, and real-time e-invitations.