Hindu Wedding Cards

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Exclusive Hindu Wedding Invitations

Wedding cards are an important accessory in the overall wedding preparation. To make any Hindu marriage event joyous and memorable we have multiple patterns of wedding cards. Our exquisite collection of Hindu wedding cards oozes the energetic and fun mood of the Hindu marriage event. With time, we have shifted from traditional to modern designs. This has been made possible with the usage of different types of papers and excellent craftsmanship. We supply Hindu marriage invitations all over the world.

Hindu Wedding Invitation Designs: Hindu tradition encompassing art and artistic skills are often properly displayed in the designs of marriage Cards. You will find those marriage invitations with exclusive artistic work are made in perfect contrast using the most attractive natural shades. Here are some of the common designs found on modern marriage invitations of India:

  • Warli Art - Traditional art is loved and appreciated by the modern generation. That is the reason why tribal Warli art has gained so much importance in the fashion industry. You may even come across Warli designs and patterns on modern wedding cards from India.
  • Paisley Design - Simple Paisley designs more commonly referred to as the Mango pattern is common in most designer Hindu wedding cards. They come in various bright shades. The design is so beautiful that it automatically gives the card a look of festivity.
  • Floral Patterns - Flowers are considered auspicious and hence you will find their usage on every auspicious occasion. Obviously, for occasions like marriages, a floral pattern on cards almost appears logical. There are several options among floral patterns that adorn the stylish Indian invitations. These use colors in contrast so that they easily draw your attention.
  • Asymmetric Patterns - The youth looks at art very differently from the previous generations. The people of the bygone era preferred symmetric arts while the modern generation prefers asymmetric forms. You will very commonly find asymmetric arts on modern marriage invitations.

We offer multiple options in wedding invitations of the Hindu religion from which you may choose a style and pattern as per your requirement. The designs mentioned above like Warli, Paisley, and Floral designs are very common among Hindu invites. You will also find many of the Hindu marriage invitation cards that have images of different deities. These deities are regarded to bless newly married couples.

You can choose the unique designs, colour and paper quality that suit you. We offer high quality and expensive material too. You can select the wording and the fonts from the collection we offer. You can create your wording and send fonts too. You can send them via email. We offer high quality printing. You can create personalized invitation cards for your wedding. You can create cards with great designs and effects to impress your guests.

You can get a sample of the invitation cards to have a look and feel before placing the bulk order. Once you receive a sample package and select a card please send us your invitation wordings via email with print related instructions. We shall create a digital proof of the invite and send it to you via email for approval within one business day. You can check how your cards will look. You can suggest any changes if required. The cards are given for bulk production only after your approval. You can create unique and attractive Hindu wedding invitation cards to make your occasion special.

Styles of Hindu Marriage Cards

As there is a vast range of marriage invitations among Hindus, you can have cards with a vast choice too. You can have a card that suits you perfectly. The choice will again depend on your region, caste, and class. Hindu wedding invitations differ from person to person. Religious people opt for cards with images of deities. People who like to be a little posh and extravagant like to choose cards that show images of the marriage procession and firecrackers. The wedding cards may either be square, rectangular, or hexagonal as per your preference. The card background is usually in rich shades of red, orange, purple, yellow, golden, silver, or brown.

All printing services provided. Samples will be shipped within 2 business days. Our collection is both unique and extensive. You have multiple choices and you get to opt for the best.