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Scroll Wedding Cards

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    The first option offers a beautiful scroll crafted in Resham handmade paper held by beautiful golden bars on either end, with a two tone tassel to tie up the invitation. This scroll comes with a soft Resham handmade paper envelope.

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Unique Scroll Wedding Invitations

Marriage invitations are statement in style and fashion and create first impression of the marriage event. Scroll wedding invitations with co-ordinated marriage stationery creates royal impact. It is roll open card with classy designing done in vibrant and colorful handmade papers. Size and pattern of our scroll cards are convenient to mail internationally. Enjoy exotic trip to catalogue of scroll wedding cards.

Why Opt For Wedding Scroll Invitations

People have always preferred the scroll marriage invitations since many centuries. These marriage cards or Patrikas can be designed to look truly royal. They may either be made from handmade silk paper. The handmade silk paper used has truly royal texture.

The rods fitted at the two ends are these days made from plastic. In ancient times, they used to be made from carved wood. This made the entire marriage card look truly appealing.

Some of these cards were even embellished with handcrafted string and beads.

Scroll Wedding Invitation For Themed Marriages

The modern generation prefers to have themed marriages. You may go for wedding invitation scrolls designed to match the themed weddings. These may have embellishments that go well with the theme of the marriage. Card makers have myriad options and selecting the right scroll marriage card is never too challenging.

We offer many different types and varieties of scroll wedding invitations. You can go through the catalogue before you select the scroll marriage card. There are even options among colors of paper. You can also choose the type of font you like for the marriage card.

People often prefer to provide a personal message in a calligraphic font of their choice. Calligraphic fonts look truly attractive and artistic. The written message has to be limited as the card also needs to include names of family members. Most Indian cultures follow the tradition of writing blessings from parents of the bride and the groom. This means that space available to write any message would be very little.

Price Ranges

The cost of the scroll wedding invitations varies depending on the makers. It is always wise to compare the prices before you go for a wedding card maker. You may check out for the numerous options available by checking advertisements or asking your recently wedded friends.

Reasons Behind Scroll Wedding Invites Most Preferred

There are many reasons that make people prefer scroll Wedding invites over other forms of marriage and event invitations. You need to understand what makes these unique invitations popular among young and old alike. Here we have stated a few of the common reasons of preference.

  • The young and the old are equally impressed by elegant styles and patterns. The scroll style is always loved by people of all ages due to the ease of use and the elegant construction.

  • Options in scroll wedding invites are available in the market. They come in many colours. Some of these blend perfectly well with the modern themed weddings. That is the reason why several couples opt for these cards.

Pick Scroll Cards To Match Wedding Style

Couples should be wise when they select scroll wedding cards for their big day. It is a good idea to decide your type of marriage before picking your invitation card. This way, you can pick the best scroll card from the options to blend with your wedding. If colour theme for your wedding is decided, pick scrollwedding invites that use the same colour theme.

All printing services provided. Samples will be shipped within 2 business days.

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