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10 Notable Indian Wedding Planning Tips

10 Notable Indian Wedding Planning Tips by parekhcards 28/09/2015 at 10:30

An Indian wedding is best known for its luxurious and grand celebration that is famous worldwide! Indian weddings are not just considered the coming together of two souls but also of two families. This celebration of love involves families and friends and the cherishable moments get marked in the minds of each and every one. The grand celebration is not just limited to rich or elite class, even a humble class of Indian families celebrates the wedding function with much funfair!

The most important thing that needs to be considered for a clutter-free wedding celebration is proper planning. If a wedding is planned well to take care of even the minutest detail, every member present during the occasion gets to enjoy best without worrying about the arrangements.

Any sort of planning consumes your thought and time. For a wedding, you need to start planning about the total arrangements months in advance. There are various tips that will surely help you in doing the same without any glitches!

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Below are a few planning tips for proper wedding arrangements:-

1) Decide on a Date: With the help of astrology or traditional calendars, choose an auspicious date for wedding. Once you decide on a date, the foremost important thing, planning the rest of the things becomes easy. According to the wedding date, other important functions can be synced well.

2) Jot Down Guest List: Wedding guests are considered the life of the wedding! Managing a large number of groups and looking after their comfort is not everyone's cup of tea. Deciding on how big or small you wish to have your wedding, the guest list can be prepared. Indian weddings are family oriented so estimating the number of guests is very crucial. Keeping a tentative number, seating and food arrangements can be done aptly.

3) Ready Invitation Cards: Wedding invitation cards are important wedding accessory that you have to look for. Once you have your guest list prepared, send the cards to them on a priority basis so that your guests can block the important date. For any Indian family, getting or not getting a wedding invitation card is a sensitive matter. So you have to even take care that none of your guest has been missed out from the invitation list.

4) Estimate Your Budget: Of course, without proper budget, no event or celebration can see the light of the day! You need to calculate and detail out a budget list for the overall wedding affair. Either you plan for a big or small wedding, always keep a margin so that in case the expenditure goes over budget, you are well prepared.

5) Pick out & Book a Venue: Deciding on a Venue is another important aspect of the planning. Getting a venue of your choice is only possible if you start looking for it way in advance. During the wedding season, you will find a large number of marriages taking place compared to the venues available! Choose a venue keeping in mind the guest strength expected, the facilities and the nearby locations.

6) Hire an Event Decorator: Once you decide on a date and you have your plan ready, it is practically not possible in today's busy life to look after every minute detail of the complete wedding celebration like the decorative work. In such a scenario, hiring an event decorator is the best option. They turn the dull venue ambiance into a royal place by decorating with flowers, colorful lights, uniquely designed chairs, table linen and many more things.

7) Decide on Catering: Indian wedding is also known for its great and exquisite cuisines. The rich taste and aroma of Indian wedding is popular among the masses. Book a catering service for the wedding who are good with multiple cuisines. Be sure to book the catering service well in advance to avoid last minute glitches.

8) Choosing the Wedding Attire: Wedding is an important moment in anyone's life. Picking on a wedding attire is equally important just like the preparation of other things. But it's obvious that you have your choice and preference for the type of attire that you want to wear on your D-Day. So start looking for your attire well in advance. Getting a dress of your choice will take a little time, so better be early!

9) Hire A Reliable Photographer:- We wish to capture special moments of our life under lenses to cherish it for a lifetime. Obviously, a wedding is one such occasion where you can't think of going wrong! It is very important to hire a professional and quality photographer who can assure to capture good and memorable moments.

10) Planning a Reception: The grand Indian wedding concludes with a fat reception by many! Reception is basically welcoming of a new family member and introducing them to the friends and family. Just as the wedding, plan in advance about the reception too. For e.g., components like venue, catering, attire and many other things needs to be planned beforehand.


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