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6 Tips for Saving Money on Your Wedding

6 Tips for Saving Money on Your Wedding by parekhcards 21/11/2014 at 12:00

Marriage has a great importance in a country like India. It is often considered as a grand affair. A lot of effort and money is invested for planning the perfect wedding. Families plan for months on various wedding arrangements.

With the changing times, the idea of a wedding ceremony has also changed for couples. Rather than going over the top and having a lavish wedding, couples today prefer a simple ceremony. They plan to save money.

Saving Money on Your Wedding Saving Money on Your Wedding | Image Resource :

Many engaged couples don’t take months to plan their wedding. Today many weddings are planned at the last moment. Often such couples end up saving a good amount of money.

Here are some tips that help you save money on your wedding :

Plan your wedding during off season

Every region has a wedding season. During this time of the year venues are booked, catering is expensive and shops are crowded. So it is advisable to schedule your special day during off seasons. This can be a great tactic to save money.

Avoid weekends

It seems like a very convenient decision but planning the ceremony on weekends can be pricier than planning it on weekdays. Only people who really want to attend your wedding will be there for the ceremony. This keeps the guest list smaller and helps you save some rupees.

Renting the wedding dress

Many designers offer renting services to brides and grooms. You can rent out dresses, sarees, jewelry, shoes and various other wedding accessories.

Go for a simple invitation

Rather than buying expensive cards, go for designer wedding cards that are simple and affordable.

Plan a daytime reception

It is a simple fact, lunches are lighter. This makes them much cheaper than dinners. A night reception can turn out into a feast that can be hard on your pocket.

Avoid Buffet This is a very humble way of thanking the guests for attending your wedding.

Instead of organising a buffet meal, go for a cocktail reception with a delicious but light menu. Serve cakes or other refreshments to keep the guests happy.


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