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6 Tips to look the best in your wedding photographs

6 Tips to look the best in your wedding photographs by parekhcards 24/09/2014 at 4:00

Everything is perfectly organized, wedding invitations has been sent and all arrangement are in place. You have hired the best makeup professional, bought the most beautiful wedding dress and glittering jewelry for yourself. Are you still worried about looking good in your wedding photographs?Here are some amazing tips to look your best.

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Pose from your Left Side

Research indicates that pictures taken from the left side of a person are more attractive than that right side. The left side of your face is capable of showing more emotions. So posing from the left side will give you some great close up photographs.

Get your pose right

You may have noticed how professional models look so natural in their photographs. The right pose and posture will help you look more vibrant in pictures. It is important for the bride and groom to feel confident about themselves. When the camera is focused on you, make sure to expose three fourth of your body. This allows you to look slim.

Get the perfect wedding makeup

Make sure you don't use too much foundation especially ones that contain Titanium dioxide or mineral in them. Often brides go overboard with the application of foundation. While foundation can help your skin appear flawless, applying too much of it will surely spoil your look in the wedding album. It attracts additional shine to your face making you look a little bit like an alien.

Hide your double chin

Brides are often concerned about their double chin. These are different ways to deal with this issue. Make sure your wedding photographer adjusts the camera above your eye level. You can also try to keep your head and chin a bit higher than the regular position.

Find a perfectly lit ambience

Try to find a spot that has dim lighting. Such a beautiful place is perfect for shooting a couple’s romantic photographs. Make sure you choose a venue that has a garden or some outdoor arrangement.

Carry a smile

The wedding ceremony can be quite stressful and tiresome for every couple. But it is important to keep a smiling face. A happy smile can light up a picture like nothing else can.


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