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7 Pre-Wedding Grooming Tips For The Indian Groom

7 Pre-Wedding Grooming Tips For The Indian Groom by parekhcards 25/09/2015 at 11:00

It is said that on the day of the wedding, a natural glow oozes out from the face of a bride and a groom! Of course, every bride or a groom wants to look his/her best on the special day of their life. By donning unique attire and wearing good make-up, one of the most important parts of the wedding preparation, the wedding look is enhanced completely.

To look their best on the D-day, a bride-to-be or a groom-to-be follows various traditional or modern methods of skin cleansing or beauty methods for proper grooming. It is a big part of the overall wedding preparation. Obviously, the grooming methods vary for a man and a woman.

Let's talk about grooming tips that should be followed by the Indian groom-to-be to look his best on his wedding day. After all, he has to match up with his beautiful bride! Groom-to-be of course doesn't have to do much like their mate, but there are still many things that will help him to look his best on the D-day.

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The 7 major pre-wedding tips for the Indian groom are as follows:-

Skin Care:- The natural glowing skin becomes the talking point of your wedding day. Friends and relatives compliment you for your great look. But to get such a look, you need to pamper your skin days before your wedding. Various types of skin ailments like an uneven skin tone,Pimples, Acnes, dry skin, tanning and dark circles can be cured well by using home remedies or facials and peels available in the market for beauty care. If the skin issue is more grave,consult a skin specialist for much better treatment.

Get Fit & Fab:- Do you really want to get upset looking at your wedding pictures? Obviously, not! So what's better than this day-your wedding day, to push yourself! Get involved with any sort of physical activity like jogging, gym, exercise or yoga to look fit and fab on your wedding look.

Fix Hair Issue: Of course, no groom wants to be called as the hairy man on his wedding day! The groom-to-be needs to take special care to trim the extra hair growth on face, arms or chest. It will give a neat look. The typical options for doing so are waxing or threading, but obviously not necessary that you go only with this option. The other safe option available is laser for permanent hair reduction and the process is painless.

A good nutritious diet should be included in your diet for your hair to look thicker and denser. Regular oiling of the hair will reduce thinning and falling of hair.

Facial Hair Care: Give yourself a neat and tidy look by trimming and shaving. Also, take care to trim your moustache at the right length for the apt glamour quotient. It should be done to suit your natural facial look and the wedding attire. Using a moisturizer is a must on a regular basis to maintain the glow on your face.

For Softer Hands: On your wedding day, before holding the hands of your soul mate, pamper your hands well to make it soft and smooth. Massage your dry and flaky hands with some coconut oil or aloe vera. These products help to heal dry skin and cuts. The other product that you can use are petroleum jelly.

Nail Care: A woman follows many rigorous remedies to care of her nails. Of course, you don't have to do so much, but a few basic steps need to be taken care of to keep your nails neat and clean. Trim your long nails using a proper nail-cutter that is safe and easy to use.

Get a mesmerizing Smile:- On your wedding day, you are going to be captured by multiple lenses. So take care not to flash your yellow or chalky white teeth. To get a confident smile on your wedding day, go for a dental check-up. Basic cleaning will help you greatly in flash your sparkling teeth. Use a good quality mouthwash from time to time to keep your bad breath away.


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