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7 Tips to Make your Wedding Fun And Memorable

7 Tips to Make your Wedding Fun And Memorable by parekhcards 22/11/2014 at 11:00

Join The Dance Floor

Create a dance floor during your wedding reception and invite the guests and relatives to show their best moves. Such a custom is a crucial part of Goan Christian weddings. Bride and groom can be the first couple to dance on this floor. This will make your special day quite memorable.

The Wish Board

You can create a wish board for the wedding, requesting the guests to write down their wishes and blessings on the board. In Indian culture, blessings are regarded very powerful.

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Multicultural Buffet

Try to incorporate dishes from different states and cultures such as Punjabi, Bengali, Thai, European, South Indian, Gujarati, Rajasthani etc. This makes the whole experience far more enjoyable for the guests.

Have Fun in the Photo Booth

Photo Booth are amongst the most fun activities for family, friends and couples. People from all age groups can enjoy themselves in a photobooth. So having one at your wedding can be a great experience.

Family Tree

This concept is quite similar to the wish board except that it is open only for the family members. The name of the members will be mentioned and they have to write an advice or a hilarious message for the couple.

No Gift Policy

Often people bring gifts just because it is a social obligation. In such hectic lifestyle, your guests may find it difficult to find the perfect gifts for you. So it would be really convenient for them if you can mention the "no gifts policy" on all the superb Asian wedding cards that you are planning to send or giveaway.

Control Your Wedding

In a regular wedding reception; friends, family or the event organizer does all the work while the newly wed couple just sits there posing for the camera. Try something different in your wedding, interact with your guests, personally welcome each one of them, dance with them, play fun games etc.


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