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A Boutique Film Company Captures An Incredible Indian Wedding On Celluloid!

A Boutique Film Company Captures An Incredible Indian Wedding On Celluloid! by parekhcards 24/08/2015 at 5:00

The largest US state Charlotte, in North Carolina is home to Iron kite Films, a boutique film company. Its charm lies in making short, artistic productions. The projects they concentrate on are generally marriages, story book films, profiles of companies and experiments which are put together to create magic and set a creative idea in motion.

The latest story, these story-tellers caught on celluloid was a film on an Indian wedding. The theme was exotic; the occasion was special as the bride and groom were of two different cultural backgrounds. It was a visual treat for all senses as every aspect of the traditional Indian wedding was captured in its incredible beauty with all its tiny nuances!

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The highlight of this company is the creative team that consists of foreigners. This team filmed everything right from the start, and that included the choosing of the apt traditional wedding card that conveyed the theme of the wedding, to the planning and execution of this cultural extravaganza. The highlight of course was the great respect both the families, who were as different from chalk and cheese, showed the other throughout the weekend long wedding.

The Wedding Story Unfolds

The couple in question were Malika an Indian girl and Alex a foreigner. The colour, the vibrancy is something which is the best in a traditional wedding. It was amazing to watch how the two culture, Indian and foreign merged and blended so well! The respect and love showed for each other was for all to see whether it was on the dance floor or in the exchange of gifts!

The Mehendi ceremony was a riot of colours. Right from the bride to the female guests, all had the beautiful opportunity of applying henna. The coloured palms of all female guests, told a story, that of colouring life with the best things to come. All the guests at this ceremony marvelled, at the Indian Marriage Card Designs, which were given to them as an invitation to this ceremony. Undoubtedly, they were chick and ethnic.

Alex the groom was thrilled to be riding on a mare.Surrounded by the Baraat, a raucous procession of relatives, all dancing and singing along. Dressed in traditional Sherwani he looked the perfect knight in shining armour. The bride and the guests waited to welcome the groom at the venue. He was welcomed with the traditional aarti, wherein a lighted lamp placed on a plate is rotated around the guest to ward off evil, and a tilak with vermillion is applied on the forehead.

The groom then was lead towards the pandal where the bride and the Pandit waited .The chanting of mantras began. The ceremonial fire being lit, the couple took the 7 circles or Pheras as they are called around the holy fire. Each phera was symbolic of values like fertility, love, obedience, mental and physical compatibility.

Later, garlanding each other, meaning the Varmala ceremony was solemnised, and the promise to cherish each other forever. The guests from all over the world belonging to all caste, culture and religion were an eclectic mix. It was indeed a wedding that captured the true essence of an Indian traditional wedding and it was a matter of pride to see two cultures blend together in harmony wishing the couple a joyous reunion of two hearts for a lifetime to come!


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