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A Closer Look At The Sikh Wedding Ceremony

A Closer Look At The Sikh Wedding Ceremony 19/02/2015 at 3:00

There is no doubt that Sikh or Punjabi weddings have played a major role in popularizing the flavors of Indian wedding ceremonies. If you ask the foreigners about an Indian wedding, most of them would probably think of a big, fat Punjabi style wedding! The weddings of the Sikh community basically features mouth-watering chicken dishes, such as the spicy chicken kebabs; loads of wines, and tons of relatives from the bride's as well as the groom's side dancing to the tunes of Punjabi songs!

Sikh Wedding Ceremony Sikh Wedding Ceremony | Image Resource :

Different Aspects of Sikh Wedding

Apart from loads of fun and celebrations, there is something more that makes a Sikh wedding so popular. Well, we are talking about the enchanting moments that one gets to experience during the wedding ceremony inside a Gurudwara, the holy place of Sikh religion. If you check out the typical Sikh Wedding Cards, you will definitely find the mention of Anand Karaj in the card. Anand Karaj is one of the main ceremonies in any Sikh wedding, means the Joyful Union of two persons. It was brought in by the Sikh Guru Amar Das.

During the ceremony, four Lavans or marriage hymns are sung by the Sikh gurus in the Gurudwara, which were originally composed by Sikh Guru Ram Das. In this wedding ceremony, the family members, relatives as well as the friends of the bride and groom gather inside the Gurudwara. However, the males and females are seated on two different sides of the Gurudwara, thus creating an aisle in the middle.

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Once the Anand Karaj is completed, it is the time to host the party, particularly the reception party. Nowadays, it is becoming a trend to organize a common marriage party in which guests from both the sides are invited, which is quite evident from today's Sikh Wedding cards. So, enjoy the feast and give your good wishes and blessings to the newlywed couple.


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