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A Complete Guide To Anand Karaj- Sikh Wedding Ceremonies!

A Complete Guide To Anand Karaj- Sikh Wedding Ceremonies! 24/09/2014 at 5:00

"Anand Karaj" is a Sikh term that signifies the power, vitality and importance of Sikh marriage ceremonies. Therefore, the weddings that occur with Sikh code of conduct are recognized as Anand Karaj or the ceremonies that unify two souls. This term truly speaks volumes about the Sikh marriage along with the fun, enthusiasm and excitement it is associated with.

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How Does A Sikh Wedding Ceremony Begin?

The friends and families of both the groom and bride gather together at the Gurudwara or wedding hall, as mentioned in the Sikh wedding cards. Then the guests of the occasion sit together along with the bride and the groom near the presence of Guru Granth. After that, musicians who sit at the center of aisle sing hymns and traditional songs like "Keeta Lorre-ai Kaam" dedicated to God, so that he can bless the couple for a gracious life ahead.

Later, the Sikh wedding official counsels the bride and groom with a consent verse called Dhan Phir-Eh Na Akhee-an, where the couple is advised that marriage is not just a civil or social contract. In fact, it is an impeccable spiritual process that unites two beautiful souls together. So, here the couple discovers the spiritual nature of marriage through examples from Sikh Gurus. It often holds common verses which mean:

The husband should always have love and respect for his wife. He should encourage her and regard her as an equal member of his family. He should even provide her the support and guidance that she needs.

The wife should have loyalty, respect and love for her husband. She must support the right objectives of her husband willingly and should harmonize with him and his family. She should share all her happiness and sorrows with him.

The couples have to ally with each other and harmonize a beautiful relationship. They must work to achieve a relationship which is mentally, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, materially and morally strong.

The marriage ceremony details and events are mentioned in Sikh wedding cards and it is undoubtedly an unforgettable experience for both the bride and the groom. This is the royal day that they begin a life with someone whom God has chosen for them and a person whom they always want to live with!


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