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A Peek Into The Fun And Traditionally Rich Indian Weddings

A Peek Into The Fun And Traditionally Rich Indian Weddings by parekhcards 17/03/2016 at 11:00

An Indian wedding is not less than a festival celebration. The weddings are known for their lavish decorations, fun filled rituals and customs, delicious cuisines and so on. The family members and friends come together to be a part of this wonderful celebrations. Bright colours such as red, pink, and yellow, green are some popular colours that makes the venue look more vibrant. Among all these hues, red tops the list and is the most preferred choice amongst the brides as it is associated to bring good luck and happiness to the would be couple.

India has a great amalgamation of many cultures and traditions that are performed during the weddings as per the families of the bride and groom. The north Indian weddings usually have red, pink, orange, yellow and green as prominent colours, while the south Indian weddings have white and gold. Decorations holds a very important part in the whole venue set up. Below are some of the things that make a wedding colourful and exciting:

Bride And Groom's Attire

Bride And Groom's Attire Bride And Groom's Attire | Image Resource :

The wedding attire of the couple differs according to their family cultures and traditions. The north Indian brides generally opt for a red, maroon or a pink colored lehenga. South Indian brides usually wear a saree embroidered in gold, Gujarati brides go for a white and red colored combination saree. Grooms wear trouser with a long kurta or a jacket. The one thing that is common in their attire is the turban in different colours. Nowadays, the couples are breaking the stereotype and are opting for different colours like blue, grey, brown and so on.

Jewellery And Accessories

Wedding Jewellery And Accessories Wedding Jewellery And Accessories | Image Resource :

The attire of an Indian bride cannot be complete without a perfect necklace, earring, ring, bangles, brooches, hair ornaments, etc. The Indian jewellery is heavy, colourful, intricately designed to enhance the overall look of the bride.

Unique Wedding Invitations

Unique Wedding Invitations Unique Wedding Invitations

The wedding invitations in India varies greatly according to the choice of colour, theme, regional beliefs, etc. The Hindu wedding invitations feature bright colours and patterns with the images or emblem of gods and goddesses. Muslim wedding cards have religious symbols and specific colours like green, red, gold or cream. The popular symbols used are star/crescent, Bismillah, Allah and Shahadah. The Sikh wedding cards contains messages from the holy book, Adi Granth which is also known as Guru Granth Sahib. They are various colours used with studded kundans to make the invitations more alluring.

Elaborate Decoration

Wedding Decoration Wedding Decoration | Image Resource :

The venue for the wedding is decorated lavishly where the bride and groom perform the traditional rituals. Flowers such as rose, lily, marigold, orchids are very popular. There are various other things like pots, curtains, chandeliers, etc. that are used to give a creative look to the venue.

Variety Of Food Items

Variety Of Wedding Food Variety Of Wedding Food | Image Resource :

A wedding celebration is equal to delicious food; there are various special cuisines prepared for the guest. Appetizers, main course, desserts of several types are made for the guests to relish.


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