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A White Satin Wedding Dress: Every Christian Bride's Dream- Parade!

A White Satin Wedding Dress: Every Christian Bride's Dream- Parade! by parekhcards 18/02/2015 at 6:00

To say 'I do' looking into your loved one's eyes before 100 odd guests in the pew with an adorable pianist leading the choir and a very pleasing vicar heeling at the altar can be the most desired moment of your life! Staging a wedding is not as easy as it seems. Especially if you're wedding planner is an impeccable perfectionist. With every detail that needs to be remembered and looked after, the piece of cake that should be baked right, to crown it all is the wedding dress!

White Satin Wedding Dress White Satin Wedding Dress | Image Resource :

The very word can shoot a glow in every lady's eye. They immediately envisage a beautiful bride with a long train behind gliding through the aisle adorned with bouquets and the groom turning to eye her impatiently. It can be a designer piece, something exclusively picked by your bridesmaid or even the one your grandmother wore for her wedding!

With the stunning collections of wedding dresses available in stores and online websites, choosing the right one is the trouble. Themes being tagged to weddings, people these days also opt for other alternative colors like ivory, pink, lavender, light shades of brown and so on apart from the usual chic white robe to go with the pearls.

Each bride is different from the other in their appearance and body structure. Some endeavors done few months before the wedding brings them to the desired body shape and structure. People who are fairly thin go for sheathed/flowing silhouette, people otherwise can choose the ball- gown type or even a- line where it gives you the style you're hoping for.

The trains are the best part that shows the womanly gentleness of the bride. Be it the brush sweep, court style or the cathedral flow, to look at anything that slides across the aisle over the rose petals will make our hearts to clamp in awe.

With other accessories like pleating, rhinestones at the waistline, feathers on the chest, flowers and embroidery on the silhouette and pick- ups will make the bride forget her wedding jitters and feel proud to be in a ravishing white dress for her special day!


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