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  1. Familiarize Yourself With Hindu Wedding Ritual!

    Bachelorette Party Invitation Hindu Wedding Ritual | Image Resource :

    The globe comes at a standstill when they hear a Hindu wedding event is taking place! This is because of its uniqueness, colorfulness and the rituals that take place. You will be impressed by everything about the Hindu wedding if you are privileged to attend one.

    Generally, Hindu culture believes that a wedding is more than an event. It is where the bride and the groom are connected physically, mentally and spiritually. That is why there are mini ceremonies before the wedding day. This culture has been practiced since time immemorial and should be passed on to the future generation.

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  2. Why Wedding Invitation Tips Are the Backbone of Your Event?

    Wedding Invitation Wedding Invitation

    Wedding brings hundreds of people together to celebrate new unions between bride and the bridegroom. Some wedding events are successful, whereas others are not. This has made many people think what should be done for a wedding event to be a success?

    Understand that most of your invited guests should attend your event for it to be lively. An event will be boring if there are no guests. Therefore, you should look for ways of reaching out to your friends and family members. Sending wedding invitation has been a tradition in wedding

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  3. Common Indian Wedding Customs

    Customs and traditions are the crucial aspects of every Indian wedding. In India, every festive occasion provides you a chance to experience different cultures . In India, every state has multiple traditions depending on the religion, dialect, caste and ethnicity. Many customs in India are followed since ancient times. These traditions are different for all religions, this makes Indian weddings even more interesting.

    As a couple, you should respect and obey these customs and norms even after the wedding. These customs may seem to be extreme but the fact is that they have played an important role in strengthening bonds of countless marriages.

    Indian Wedding Customs

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  4. Why Wedding Photography Is Considered To Be An Art?

    There is nothing as special as wedding, because this special occasion gives a kick start towards the beginning of a new journey. To be precise, this day is all about the reflection of you giving rise to new family life. This day will be memorable for the rest part of your life. This day will enable you to celebrate love for your beloved and enjoy at the best.

    Indian Wedding Photography Indian Wedding Photography | Image Resource :

    Compilation of Wedding Photography - An Art

    Wedding being highly an occasion full of joyous occasions, most of the people prefer capturing some of the most memorable moments in a

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  5. Few Indian Wedding Quotes For Expressing The Joy Of Marriage

    The invitation cards play very important roles in informing the guests about the details of the wedding and invite them cordially to join the wedding functions. Therefore, the wordings of these invitation cards should be selected carefully, to express the love and honor of the wedding couple for the invited guests. But there are some common Indian wedding quotes that the professional wedding card designers can suggest to their clients for relieving them the effort of searching suitable wordings.

    Indian Wedding Quotes Indian Wedding Quotes

    Most important Indian wedding quotes used in invitation cards

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  6. Every Indian Wedding Card Made Memorable By Popular Online Store

    In India, marriage is not only about two people's exchanging of vows. Moreover, it is an intact bonding of two different families by a different generation. Therefore, only by the single ceremony or through common ritual it cannot be defined at all. Marriage means in India, the forever bonding of two hearts and the celebration of all the close people of the couple. Thus, to invite the friends, relatives, and other acquaintances, a perfect wedding card is needed for every marriage ceremony. Apart from the core marital ritual, there are other events also present in most of the Indian weddings such as the sangeet, mehendi, and the reception that makes an Indian wedding complete and emotional.

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  7. 20 Best Hairstyles for Lehenga To Adorn This Wedding Season

    With the wedding season down the corner, bride-to-be and their friends want to look their best on this grand event. And when it comes to an incredible hairstyle then these are the top 20 styles that must watch out for.

    1. Traditional Braided

    Traditional BraidedTraditional Braided | Image Resource :

    The traditional braided hairstyle is one of the most prominent styles that looks great with oval, round and triangle face. In this style, a straight braid is created and decorated with golden hair accessories and pearl to pull off an impeccable ethnic look with the lehenga.

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  8. Lovely Wedding Card Designs Online: No Extra Expenses Or Hidden Costs!

    A marriage is more than a union of two people in love. It unifies the families of the two people into one single-family and gives the people involved an opportunity to bond with each other. There are several aspects that are involved when it comes to planning a wedding. From the venue to the caterer, the people involved have to lot to consider.

    One of the stepping stones of planning a successful wedding is getting the wedding cards right. The cards are a significance of the status, the personalities of the people marrying and they are also the opening gates of the event.

    Lovely Wedding Card Designs Online


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  9. Indian Bridal Makeup Transforming Every Bride To A Princess On Her Golden Day!

    Indian weddings!!! They are an amalgamation of tradition, culture, fun, family reunion and most of all, round and rounds of tea and coffee servings! Unlike the usual wedding happenings in the west where the relatives arrive on the day of the wedding and the dress is solemnly chosen by the bride and her expert wedding planner, our nation's economic and population wealth is well displayed in weddings. You get to see your first and second cousins arrive few weeks before and some long- distance never- met uncles and aunts arrive a week before the big day with loud giggles and hard to pronounce names!

    Indian Bridal Makeup | Image Resource :

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  10. Make Your Wedding Special With Thematic Cards

    Wouldn't you like your guests to remember your wedding forever? The thematic cards grace this special event giving you timeless memories to cherish forever. Preparing for the glorious occasion starts with choosing your wedding card and this is how the guests first get their glimpse into your thematic wedding.

    Thematic Cards Wedding Special With Thematic Cards

    Well-crafted invitation cards can make any wedding memorable. They are the direct reflections of your thoughts and intentions and therefore, should be exceptional and planned perfectly to meet your needs. Where you want to give your guests the taste of the event that you want them to attend, you can choose from the trendy special invites that are

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