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  1. Hassle Free Hairstyles For Every Summer Bride

    Hair styling especially in summer is not at all an easy cup of tea to brew! It is very much difficult to put those locks in place as the weather is not in our favor. But that does not mean that you should not opt for stylish hairdos. There are numerous hassle-free hairstyles that will definitely keep you comfortable in summer.

    Hairstyles For Every Summer Bride Hairstyles For Every Summer Bride | Image Resource :

    Exclusive Hairstyles for Brides in Summer

    Don't you worry if the sun is challenging you. Below are some inspirations regarding styling

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  2. Trendy Indian Wedding Card Ideas That Are Cool And Unique

    When we think about an Indian wedding, the picture that comes to our mind is of a traditional ceremony. There are countless customs and traditions in an Indian wedding. Today couples prefer a wedding that is unique and different from others. These new age weddings are a unique blend of different modern and traditional aspects.

    You cannot alter traditional and religious customs to make your wedding trendy but you can make changes in many other aspects. You can choose a very cool or unique venue such as a garden, farm or beach or you can choose trendy invitations. Finding awesome Indian wedding cards that look trendy and cool can be difficult and confusing. So, in this post we will be sharing with you some of the interesting invitation ideas used by Indian couples these days.

    The Bottled

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  3. Top Celebrity Wedding Dresses From This Century

    Most of the women are quite attached to their bridal dresses. A wedding dress is the most important aspect of a wedding. Every woman wants to look perfect and a beautiful wedding dress can make her special day even more memorable and happy for her. In this post, we will be sharing with you some of the popular wedding dresses worn by some of the famous personalities.

    Amal Alamuddin

    Amal Alamuddin Amal Alamuddin | Image Resource:

    The first one on the list is the dress wore by Amal Alamuddin. Amal looked

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  4. Modern Styles In Indian Wedding Card Designs

    The modern Indian has superior tastes. He prefers invitation cards that are stylish and elegant. The Indian wedding card design preferred by the modern Indian couple have some unique aspects that make them special. Here we have listed these aspects. Read to know the specific tastes of young Indian couples.

    Design Simplicity

    Simple designs usually look elegant and attractive. The youngsters therefore always opt for simple designs for wedding invitation cards. These designs may include traditional patterns like the Paisley pattern or the floral pattern.

    Embellished With Elegance

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  5. Various Mehendi Options For The Bride On Her Special Day

    Mehendi is actually a paste that is created from the powdered henna, turmeric and some other natural objects. It is mostly used to decorate the hands and the feet of the brides and considered as the most important pre-wedding ritual, in case of Indian marriages. This tradition is an ancient one, as the word 'mehendi' is derived from the Sanskrit word 'Mendhika' and it is mentioned in the Hindu Vedic texts, the most ancient religious scripts of India.

    Various Mehendi Options For Wedding Various Mehendi Options For Wedding | Image Resource :

    Usually mehendi is stuffed into a cone and various artistic designs are made with

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  6. Get The Right Indian Wedding Invitations For Your Special Day

    In this age of technology, people don't write letters or send greeting cards anymore. Everything has gone digital. Letters have been replaced by emails and chats, greeting cards have been replaced by Ecards and SMS. People nowadays prefer buying E-books rather than books.

    Indian Wedding Invitations

    In India, wedding invitations have stood the test of time. Today there are countless alternatives for invitation cards. Inspite of so many options Indians still prefer wedding cards instead of e-invites and sms.

    Personally delivering invitations are more appreciated than just sending ecards through emails. In India, families have made handwritten wedding invitations to their

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  7. Importance Of Bridal Dress In An Indian Wedding

    From the ancient times, India is known for its bridal attires. Indian bridal dresses are distinct from each other. India has numerous cultures from different regions. These differences in the culture can be seen in the designs of various Indian bridal wears from different states.

    Over that past couple of years the design of these bridal wears have changed a lot. New patterns and trends have evolved. Many couples today plan a wedding that is a blend of both traditional and modern trends. The wedding attires are specifically designed to suite such an occasion.


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  8. Diverse Cuisine presented at Indian weddings

    Indian weddings are an elaborate affair. The geography, region, state, caste etc.. dictate the rituals. Each region has a different unique traditional cuisine. With the changing times and exposure to a variety of cuisine and people. A lot has changed at the weddings. People are adopting from other regions and culture and modifying their own ceremonies to make them memorable and an enjoyable affair for the bride and the groom.

    Cuisine at Indian weddings Cuisine at Indian weddings | Image Resource :

    Things like a Bachlerrote party, cocktail parties followed by the traditional ritual, mehendi and sangeet ceremonies adopted by the south Indians [who don't have it

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  9. 20 Steps For Planning A Perfect Indian Wedding

    Here are 20 steps to plan a memorable wedding :

    Set your wedding budget : While planning a wedding make sure you have a budget. This prevents you from going overboard. It helps you to plan realistically.

    Set a time frame for planning all activities : This technique can be very beneficial if you don't have a huge amount of time for planning. Setting a timeline can help you plan everything perfectly.

    planning a perfect Indian wedding planning a perfect Indian wedding | Image Resource :

    Maintaining records :

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  10. Win A Million Hearts And Set A New Style Statement By Unique Wedding Invites!

    Like a breath of fresh air, there are innovations taking place in every aspect of Indian weddings. Previously the younger generation would be looking up to elders for guiding them on wedding card designs. However, doing a volte-face is the new generation with out-of-the-world ideas and trendy cards that becomes the talk of the town!

    The good news is that the parents are also giving due consideration and slowly absorbing the views and ideas of the younger generation. This is clearly visible in all ways, in the wedding dress, decorations and hold your breath and also in the printing of Designer wedding cards!

    Traditional Wedding Cards went with the wind!

    Time was when the invitations were simply worded and the paper of the cards was just a plain colorful sheet with some designs. Not anymore!

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