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Benefits of using RSVP with your Wedding Invitations

Benefits of using RSVP with your Wedding Invitations by parekhcards 25/07/2014 at 1:00

A normal Indian wedding invitation has everything you need to know about the ceremony. It consists of information on the bride, groom, their family, date, venue, timings etc. Apart from showing all the information, a wedding card also represents the culture of that region. It is a warm way of inviting your loved ones to your special day and get their blessings.

Recently, a modern trend of creating wedding website is becoming quite popular. Since, majority of us are online 24x7, this seems like a great option. A wedding website can be quite handy. You just have to forward your website URL to the guests and they can stay informed about wedding updates and activities.

Apart from serving as wedding invitation, these websites allow you to share every moment of the wedding planning process with your friends and family. However, majority of the Indian couples don't prefer creating a website. For them wedding invitation cards are far more convenient.

Another importance of Indian wedding invitations is the RSVP date card. RSVP is an abbreviation for "repondez s'il vous plait", which is French for "Please reply". This card consists of a specified date till which guests are supposed to inform whether they will attend the wedding. Guests are also supposed to specify how many people they will be accompanied by. There is no fixed rule about when to send these RSVPs but generally they are sent a month before the wedding. If this is not convenient then you can extend it to 3 weeks before the wedding day.

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When you send RSVPs a month before the wedding, this gives the guests good amount of time to decide whether they will be attending the wedding. This allows the guest to take their time and arrange their schedule to attend your wedding. Sending last minute invitation is a bad initiative and can also be considered as poor etiquettes. So send your RSVPs on time.

When people don't respond to their RSVPs, often couples take it in a wrong way. Your guests may not have responded due to their busy schedule. Therefore, it is advisable to keep calm and focus on important subjects.

Close friends and family never forget to reply your RSVPs. People who forget to reply are often distant relatives. During such a situation, you can drop by their place or call them to know their decision.

So use RSVPs and plan your wedding more efficiently.


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