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Bridal preparations

Bridal preparations by parekhcards 22/01/2015 at 1:00

For a bride, there are so many more things that have to be planned apart from venue and the wedding invitation cards. Every bride deserves to look at her best on her wedding day and with her cloths she needs to make sure she gets the right accessories to match with it and make her look gorgeous.

Here are few accessories that the bride needs to get it right and feel comfortable in -

Make up - Make up is the thing that will make a bride look stunning on her wedding. So the bride needs to restrict the number of colors and it also should compliment her dress as well.

Bridal Make up Bridal Make up | Image Resource :

Mehendi - A Hindu or Islamic wedding cards would always carry a mehndi function invite which makes you realize how important mehendi is in these cultures. So the bride must make sure that the mehendi design is complementing her dress and its in sync with her look.

Bridal Mehendi Bridal Mehendi | Image Resource :

Jewelry - The jewelry needs to compliment the dress. So if the dress has heavy design work done on it. It is always better to go for a lighter jewellery.

Bindi - A bindi is a very traditional accessory and a very important one for an Indian woman. It needs to match with the color of the outfit and even the size of the forehead.

Footwear - The bride must remember that they have to stand for most of the wedding ceremony so wear something light. Apart from being stylish the footwear should be comfortable as well.

These are few things that a bride should keep in mind to look her best on the most important day of her life.


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