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Choose Beautiful South Indian Wedding Cards For Your Weddings

Choose Beautiful South Indian Wedding Cards For Your Weddings by parekhcards 15/09/2014 at 4:00

We have been using wedding cards since ancient times. Sending wedding invitation is part of our culture. According to the South Indian culture, the first wedding cards must be dedicated to God. This offers blessings to the couple.

In India, wedding cards are known by different names such lagna patrika, nimantran patra or lagna nimantran. No Indian wedding is complete without an invitation. Weddings in South India are known for their rituals. Often South Indian wedding cards are sent to the guests along with some gifts.

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Here are few aspects that differentiate a South Indian wedding card:

Color : Yellow, green, orange, read are some of the usual colors used in Indian wedding invitation.

Design : Wedding cards in India are rich and vibrant in design with decorative engraving all over. These cards also have symbols such as swastika, om, cross etc.

Word message : Indian wedding cards may also have shlokas or shayaris for the guests to read.

In South Indian wedding, special attention is given to the process of wedding card selection. This is considered as the best way to make an impression on your guests. According to Indian culture, every guest should leave the wedding happy with a satisfying experience.

The main purpose of a wedding card is to invite the right people to your wedding ceremony. Indian weddings are grand in nature. Various rituals and ceremonies are carried out during such weddings. Therefore, it is necessary to have guests in the event.

South India has different cultures from different regions like Kerala, Tamil nadu, Andhra pradesh and Karnataka. This makes South Indian Wedding Cards distinct from each other. Most of the couples from these regions prefer traditional wedding invitations. Every invitation card can be designed differently by using various traditional techniques.

In South India, selecting an invitation is an activity for the entire family. During this process, the bride and groom along with their families sit down and check out the options they have for invitation cards.

Often wedding planners match the wedding setting with the wedding cards. This maintains the consistency in your wedding theme. While selecting a wedding card make sure you get one that suits you.


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