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Deck Up In Extravagant Attire For The Upcoming Wedding Season

Deck Up In Extravagant Attire For The Upcoming Wedding Season by parekhcards 23/10/2015 at 2:00

In every person's life, a wedding is a big day! Not just the bride and groom, but the guests too wish to look their splendid best on the wedding day. People start looking at the wedding fashion trend way in advance to choose the best attire for the day. In our country, the wedding clothes are considered as important as the rituals. You will see that folks attending the marriage are all decked up in their best dress, jewellery and other accessories.

India is a land of traditions and culture. Known for its diversity, every state follows different wedding customs and accordingly the wedding attires also differs. The customs may vary from state to state, but the theme remains the same. For every different occasion, the bride and the groom need to be dressed in different attire.

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The wedding fashion that differs from state to state consist of traditional attire for the main rituals and for other occasions you will find the bride and groom decked up in latest fashion trend that they always wished to wear on their D-day. In South, East and West India you will find the groom wearing Dhoti or Lungi and Mundu (South Community). Over this, a Kurta or a Shirt is worn. In North, grooms wear Sherwani, Jodhpuri suit or Western suit. Beautifully embellished saree or a lehenga is worn by brides from different regions of our country.

The Christian wedding in India is an adaption of western wedding where a groom wears a western suit and the bride wears either a silk saree or a western gown. Indian Wedding fashion is continually changing with the latest styles offered by different fashion designers across the world. These fashion shows showcase some really great trends and ideas. Bride and Groom follow such fashion shows closely to choose an attire for their D-day.

A riot of colors defines the Indian Wedding to the world. You will find splashes of multiple colors all around the wedding venue in forms of attires, decoration, accessories etc. making the ambiance vibrant. Various colors hold a religious significance in the Indian wedding fashion. e.g, Red, Yellow and Green have a distinct significance attached to it.

The color Red is the most important for an Indian Wedding. You will see brides in Red lehenga, red sindoor, red bangles, red bindi and many more things in red shade. It is believed that red color is associated with Goddess Durga, symbolic of power, strength and valour. The color yellow is auspicious signifying prosperity and opulence. The color green signifies a new beginning. You will find a hint of all these colors in a bride's attire, accessories or wedding rituals.

So the wedding season is nearing; start looking out for the latest trend to look your best on the wedding day. Dress up in an attire that would leave the onlookers flabbergasted and a memory for you that you will cherish for the lifetime.


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