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Design Ideas From Some Of The Best Indian Wedding Cards

Design Ideas From Some Of The Best Indian Wedding Cards by parekhcards 27/08/2014 at 11:00

From wedding attires to event management, Indian weddings have evolved a lot in recent times. Today, there are professionals who could handle every aspect of your wedding. If you don't have the money to hire such professionals, still you can have a wonderful wedding. You can get all the resources you need online. Internet is perfect place to check out the best Indian wedding cards.

best Indian wedding cards

Here are some of the best wedding invitation designs:

Die cuts and intricate designs

Often couples want a unique design for their wedding such as the cardboard invites. For a designer, creating such an invitation is quite possible. To create such a design you just have to combine different designs of gold/silver prints with origami or intricate cuts.

Using this technique you can also create old fashioned cards with interesting designs or shapes. This method allows the couple to create an invitation matching their wedding theme according to their choice. These designs mostly include customized cut outs, paper-fold designs and reflecting wedding themes.

Cards with Embellished Designs

Decorating cards with beautiful pearl toned beads, stones, crystals etc is preferred by many these days. These designs are known to have great impression on the guests. It is one of the oldest yet most effective wedding card designs. No matter how the designer will use this technique, your invitation will definitely end up looking classy and elegant.

Gift in Baskets

This method of sending invitations is quite popular these days. Here the couple sends a gift basket or box along with the wedding invitation. This technique is considered as a good gesture by many. The most preferred items for the gift are flowers, scented candles, hand-made chocolates, dry-fruits etc.

Some of the best Indian wedding cards use this method of designing. Many of these invitations have tassel, bow or designs of deities.


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