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Design Your Own Indian Wedding Invites And Make Your Marriage Special

Design Your Own Indian Wedding Invites And Make Your Marriage Special by parekhcards 20/10/2014 at 5:00

India is a nation of cultural diversity. The Indian wedding invites also have several aspects that indicate the cultural origins of a particular couple. The cards usually reflect the art forms and the color choices which pertain to a particular geographical location of India. If you design your wedding invitation, you may incorporate features into the card that reveal your true origins.

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Color Choices

Indians usually prefer bright colors for their wedding invitations. Bright colors represent happiness. There are a wide range of unique bright shades like blue, green, red, golden, cream and purple. All these colors are loud and perfect for occasions like marriage.

Designs and Patterns

There are some patterns that are often seen on Indian garments as well as Indian wedding cards. Paisley pattern tops the list of such common patterns. You may have seen the Paisley pattern in Henna designs, fabric patterns and even in home decor items of India.

Card Material

There are several options in case of card materials. Some materials like velvet paper give the wedding card a rich and royal appeal. Some even use Satin material for wedding cards. These also carry a rich appeal.

Religious Symbols

Indians are always very proud of their religion. They try to flaunt their religious sentiments by using religious symbols on their wedding invitations. These include crosses for Christians, Swastika and Kalash for Hindus. These symbols almost reveal the identity of the couple.


If you are making a card at home, you may even decorate the card with unique and impressive embellishments. Choose the embellishments to suit the wedding theme. You may use shells and beads to make the card attractive.

Make Cards Online

The advance in technology also gives you the option to design your cards online. There are countless websites that offer you this option. You simply need to choose the apt card design and the right embellishments and you will have a card designed to suit your needs.

These are simple ways to design cards all by yourself while still flaunting your Indian origin.


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