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Designer Wedding Cards: The Modern Indian Choice

Designer Wedding Cards: The Modern Indian Choice by parekhcards 23/09/2014 at 3:00

The modern Indians have a clear way of looking at things. They know what kind of card will impress the modern generation guests. They very often opt for designer wedding cards which are innovative and have truly unique designs. Read to know the different ways in which designer wedding cards are superior to the ordinary Indian invitations for weddings.

designer wedding cards

Designs and Patterns Of Designer Invitation Cards

The designer cards have unique designs and patterns that stand out and draw the attention of guests easily. Here are some of the characteristic features of designer cards:

Their designs are innovatively created to suit the taste and choice of the modern Indians. This is contrary to the traditional cards which are designed in more or less similar fashion and repetitive designs and patterns.

The modern designers are more secular and this fact reflects in their designer cards. The traditional cards usually had images of deities and Gods. They even had holy texts written on the cards. The modern designer invitations are more secular and do not give indications of a particular religion or race.

The traditional wedding cards were made from paper or fabric and had rich embellishments to give them a royal appeal. The modern cards on the contrary are made from recyclable materials. They know the crisis the world is facing and act wisely so that the world resources are preserved.

The modern cards are unique and are available in many unique price ranges.

Modern Cards Designed Using The Internet

The young couples of modern India have their ideas on how they want their wedding cards to be. Some of the young couples prefer to design their cards using the internet. These cards can be customised to suit their special needs. The cost of such cards is also relatively less. The modern cards also make it a point to include maps inside invitations. This helps the guests to find the wedding location without much difficulty.

It is easy to find unique designer wedding cards for Indian couples. The wedding card designers have their websites on which they provide all details regarding the cards.


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