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Different Rituals Practiced In A South Indian Wedding

Different Rituals Practiced In A South Indian Wedding by parekhcards 18/07/2014 at 12:00

Hinduism :

According to the Hindu mythologies, there are supreme beings who govern the human world. The Vedas consider these beings unchanging, unmanifest and unthinkable. There are various forms of supreme beings such as Rama, Krishna, Vishnu, Shiva, etc. Hindu mythologies state that these supreme beings came to earth at different times.

There is also a strong belief that you cannot destroy a soul, it's eternal and divine. It can only be reborn in different lives. "Moksha" is a term used when a soul is released from the cycle of life.

Certain ideologies of Hinduism are quite identical to other religions like Christianity and Islam. Lord Krishna states in Bhagavad Gita that whenever people try to suppress righteousness(dharma) to promote unrighteousness(adharam), God will visit earth to right the wrongs. All the religions have seen such avatars.

South Indian Wedding rituals South Indian Wedding rituals | Image Resource :

The Wedding :

Every Hindu ceremony is ancient and symbolic. These ceremonies have numerous rituals, each one of them carry certain meanings. South Indian wedding is one such ceremony. According to certain researches, it is stated that Hindu wedding is a 4000 year old ceremony.

Every phase or ritual in an Indian wedding has some philosophical and spiritual story behind it. These ceremonies are designed not only for connecting souls of the groom and bride but also for strengthening the bonds between the two families.

A Hindu wedding mantras are chanted in Sanskrit which is one of the ancient languages in the world. It is also the ancient language of Hindus in India. However, after the globalisation of Hinduism, Indian weddings are also conducted in English.

Following are some of the major rituals performed in a Hindu wedding :

Gauri Puja

This puja is performed to bring good fortune to the bride and her family. This ritual is dedicated to goddess Gauri for a happy and prosperous married life of the couple. Raksha Bandhan is also included in this puja for the bride's protection


This ritual is conducted to invite God to witness the wedding and bless the couple.

Ganesh Puja

This ritual is dedicated to Lord Ganesha(Ganapati). It is believed that Lord Ganapati has can remove all the obstacles from a person's life.

Punyahavachanam and Yajnopavita Dharanam

In this ritual, the priest sanctifies the water and this holy water is used to purify the venue.

Raksha Bandhan

To protect the groom from evil influences, a red thread is tied on his right hand wrist.

Kashi Yatra

Here the groom is given a last chance to leave before the bride enters and the bride's father requests the groom not to do so.

Vara Puja

The groom is welcomed by the bride's parents and they even wash the groom's feet.

Bride Enters

The bride enters the wedding venue with her uncle.

Kanya Danam

Kanya Danam means giving away of the bride. The bride's parents bestow her responsibility to the groom.


As a symbol of prosperity, the groom and bride put rice on each others head.


The priest blesses the couple then they approach their elders, parents, family members and close friends for their blessings.

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