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Different Types Of Religious Gifts For Indian Weddings

Different Types Of Religious Gifts For Indian Weddings 26/03/2015 at 1:00

For every couple, their journey of togetherness starts with their wedding. It is an occasion when they vow to each other for spending a wonderful life together and being there for each other in good and bad times. In a country like India, where you find people from different religions the rituals of each marriage may be different but the essence behind all of them, whether it's Hindu or Muslim or Christian, is same. The elderly people unite two souls so that they may spend their life together in eternal bliss.

Religious Gifts For Indian Weddings Religious Gifts For Indian Weddings | Image Resource :

When you get Indian Wedding Invitations you may be perplexed about the gift that you would give to people of each religion. Although gifts are always a token of your good wishes but if you give it according to the religion, it would be appraised by the couple more.

Christian Wedding Gifts

There is a lot of truth in the famous saying that matches are made in heaven and the vows that are taken here are the worldly affair! When you go to any Christian wedding you may choose as gifts things like photo frames with quotes from Bible, any jewelry or bracelets that would have religious symbol on them or a simple decorated cross and shower your blessings on the newlywed couple.

Hindu Wedding Gifts

Hindus have lot of castes and sub castes among them. Thus, after getting Indian Wedding Invitations for any Hindu wedding, know about the area where the people belong to.

People of each area believe in different Gods and Goddess and you may choose some gift according to the region that the couple belongs. 'Om' is considered auspicious in all places and you may always choose something based on that.

Islamic Wedding Gifts

Islamic weddings are also a very religious affair for those following Islam. Thus, when you are choosing any good gift for the Islamic couple you may choose artifacts in which verses from Quran is engraved.

Even gifts with crescent moon would also be considered auspicious. You give gifts on wedding to bless the couple for their oncoming life of togetherness and what can be better than a gift with the name of the prophet Mohammad.

You may choose gifts based on the religion and the faith that the couple follows. Remember, gifts are your good wishes, thus choose gifts that showcase your love!


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