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Eco-friendly Wedding Inspirations- For Those Who Care For The Future

Eco-friendly Wedding Inspirations- For Those Who Care For The Future by parekhcards 28/07/2014 at 12:00

Every Community has a responsibility towards the society and at large towards the planet we live in. Using up resources and contributing to global warming is surely not a responsible behaviour. Here are ways in which you can behave responsibly while celebrating your marriage ceremony.

Marriage Outfit

People often waste a lot of money in purchasing expensive bridal wear with lots of expensive embellishments and fabric use. Most of these embellishments and beads are made from materials that simply pollute the surroundings. You may instead opt for Khadi attires which are simple and eco-friendly. They do not harm the surroundings in any way.

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Ways Of Inviting

There are several forms of invitation that may be used to invite guests. Some of the traditional methods include sending wedding invites to each individual address. This can be a quite meticulous process. You may instead opt for online e-cards. You may send emails to friends to invite them to your marriage. You may even send across the message on social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

You may even opt for eco-friendly paper cards for your wedding invitations. There are several firms that have come up with such creative wedding invitation ideas. If you do a proper research, you will have several choices even among eco-friendly wedding invitations. You can pick the best option for your wedding.

Say No To Crackers

Crackers are often burst during Indian marriages. It is really a very bad way of celebration. It causes sound as well as air pollution. Say no to crackers and propagate wise ways to avoid pollution.

Go For Eco-friendly Decoration

People always go for decorations made from plastic and other materials which harm the surroundings. You must instead opt for simple decorations made from waste. Recycled decorations can not just add grace to your wedding but also prevent your surrounding from getting polluted.

Why Opt For An Eco-friendly Wedding?

Here are a few important reasons that make eco-friendly weddings a sensible option:

  • Global warming is a major concern and is affecting the environment drastically.

  • The natural resources are depleting at a fast rate and we need to look for ways to conserve these.

  • Eco-friendly wedding is a new age trend and you can be the trend setter.


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