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Embellish Your Wedding Look With Perfect Wedding Jewellery

Embellish Your Wedding Look With Perfect Wedding Jewellery by parekhcards 23/12/2015 at 10:15

On the day of the wedding, every bride wish to look her best by donning exquisite wedding attire and wedding jewellery. It becomes a top priority for any bride. We all know that traditional attire and traditional ornaments play important role in giving the perfect look, but with time both these things have got modernized lending a unique look to the bride. Talking about jewellery; it plays the vital role in the overall appearance of a bride.

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It is believed that each piece of ornament that a bride wears on her D-day symbolizes a traditional or cultural meaning. Due to the cultural diversity, you will find that every region has something different to offer as a bridal jewellery. Below is the list of significant jewellery that holds a unique meaning:

Earrings: As per the traditional theory, it is said that earrings acted like a protector for a new bride from evil spirits. It is believed that evil spirits could enter the body through its openings. Also, earrings have acupuncture benefits.

Ring: The theory related to the ring is world famous that the wedding ring worn on the third finger of the left hand directly connects to the heart. This belief regarding the priceless piece of jewellery originated from the time of the Ancient Romans.

Anklet: A traditional piece of jewellery that is worn around the ankles is known as an Anklet. This piece of ornament signifies the arrival of the new bride in her husband's house with its tinkling sound.

Bangles & Bajuband: As per the traditional belief, glass bangles represent a charm of safety and luck for a married woman's husband. Different regions of India believes in different color of the bangles for e.g in the state of Maharashtra and in south India green colored glass bangles are considered auspicious, which signify fertility and prosperity and in the northern India red glass bangles are considered auspicious. In Northern states, a bride wears a chooda (a set of ivory and red bangles).

Bajuband or armlet is another piece of jewellery worn by Indian brides that enhance their overall look. This beautiful piece was a must for kings and queens in the past era and it signifies strength and ability that is crucial for a bride.

Kamarbandh: A piece of ornament that adds grace to a bride is a Kamarbandh or waistband. This jewellery is crafted in a way that allows you to hold a bunch of keys thus signifying the assumption of authority in the bride's new home.

Necklace: Necklaces or Haar is a piece of ornament that a bride wears around her neck. Mangalsutra is one important neckpiece which the groom will put around the bride's neck during the marriage ceremony and the wife, thereafter, wears it for long as a sign of their love and commitment to one another.

Toe Rings: Small metal bands worn on the toes are known as the toe rings or Bichhiya. This traditional symbol of marriage made in silver is worn in pairs on the second toe of each foot.

Maang Tikka: The elegant piece of jewellery worn on the forehead signifies the holy union of male and a female on a spiritual, physical and emotional level.

Nath: The piece of jewellery that completes the look of a bride is a nose ring or a Nath. Nose piercing is said to have acupuncture benefits.

So complete your bridal look with the perfect accessories and look your like a queen on your wedding day.


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