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Enhance The Beauty Of Indian Wedding With The Best Of Wedding Decor

Enhance The Beauty Of Indian Wedding With The Best Of Wedding Decor by parekhcards 23/02/2016 at 2:30

Weddings are cherishable moments for the couples as well as the respective families. It brings all of them together to see the exchange of vows between the couple for a lifetime. Indian weddings are huge feats that goes up to many days starting with a pre wedding ceremony, the actual ceremony and post-wedding ceremony. Each of the event is marked by the beauty of the ambiance i.e the decor. An extensive marriage decor plan finds a special place in the hearts of the bride and groom and the entire wedding party.

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Pre- wedding Decor:

The pre-wedding decor forms an integral part of overall wedding preparations. It includes the the whole family in a classic setting. A bride gets a popular image depending on the type of decor items used. It involves changing of attires, the transferring of gifts and attention. Any traditional Indian wedding adopts an remarkable event and are often represented by the decor used. Items used may include jewelry, gift tags, coin bags and many more.

The Wedding Day Decor:

The wedding planners are assigned the uphill task ensuring that the integral elements meet on the actual ceremony day. With the help of the family members,relatives and friends, the groom is decorated with colorful outfits consisting of attractive embroidery and turbans. The bride may be decorated in flared traditional wedding attire that go with the ceremony. The gifts or the presents given by the close friends and family are themed with the consistent decor of the ceremony.

In today's time, the majority of the Indian wedding decor depends on how leading one wants the entire ceremony to execute. Therefore, maintaining a relevant theme that complements both the bride and the groom's overall preferences and tastes is advisable. The central stage where the bride and the groom would sit can be decorated with a canopy that is embellished with flowers and hangings.

Even the entryway to the venue can be decorated in the same way. Also, the total wedding location can be decorated with carpets along the walkways, irrespective of an outdoor event or an indoor event. In the Indian weddings, the colors used are red and gold inspired by lanterns and candles. Fireworks with multiple colors are applicable for use in the marriage ceremony.

The Post-wedding Decor:

In an Indian wedding, the decors after the D-day is a mix of merriment and celebrations. The newly wed and the guests get into the celebration mood. Flowers like roses and jasmine are used, tents of different patterns are used like the ones portraying the Gujarati artwork and Bandhani prints in Indian culture. There are various religious wallpapers for decor and printouts bearing messages and religious symbols.

An Indian wedding is an event that get's marked in the memory of each and every one present!

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