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Essential Fabrics That You Must Incorporate in Your Islamic Wedding Themes

Essential Fabrics That You Must Incorporate in Your Islamic Wedding Themes 27/03/2015 at 1:00

Islamic wedding is a blast of color and style at a galore. From lighting, decor till the wedding stage; this pompous wedding has it all. But, one important thing that should be noted when dealing with the theme of the wedding is the fabric.

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Now, fabric is a crucial element as most of the decor that is going to be part of the wedding will be crafted out of it. Therefore, if you have gone wrong with the fabric then the entire design or theme of the wedding can never turn out to be flawless.

Always Sort the Right Print for Your Fabric

Designers take care of three things for finding the suitable fabric; they are texture, quality and design. So clearly the design of the fabric is as important as its quality and texture too. Therefore, before selecting a fabric you must be sure about the designs that you expect from it, to make your decision ultimately according to that.

Options like Batik, Bandhini, Lehriya, Ikat and Kalamkari are best for Islamic weddings; some of these fabrics such as Batik are even used in Islamic wedding cards.

Coming to the prints of the fabric then there are a wide variety of styles that you can find. However, the popular one which is commonly used in weddings is the block printing. Mainly because of its versatility and creative look, most of the Islamic wedding designers prefer to use it. They often get this fabric for the wedding stage or even the entrance of the wedding hall, which is always the prime focus of the wedding.

There are three important things that you can have in your mind while selecting the appropriate fabrics which are:

Choose the fabric in accordance to the occasion of the wedding like Mehendi, Reception or the Wedding Day.

Have a perfect idea about the look that you want to get from your wedding decor and Islamic wedding cards too (if you are using the fabric in the cards).

Consult professional designers to enhance your knowledge about the latest fabrics and designs which are currently ruling the world of weddings.


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