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Get married in Kerala - "God's Own Country"

Get married in Kerala - "God's Own Country" by parekhcards 21/11/2014 at 11:00

People prefer having a fancy wedding. Couples in India love wedding processions, dance, music, groom riding the horse etc. They want their wedding to be memorable. Every person has a different idea about his or her special day.

In this modern age, wedding ceremony has evolved in many different ways. Various options are available to make your wedding a memorable event. Destination wedding is one such concept.

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In destination wedding, the couple decides to get married at a remote location rather than their hometown or the city they live in. Kerala has become quite popular amongst newly engaged couples. This state from South India is blessed with numerous picturesque locations.

What makes weddings in Kerala special are the dramatical arrangements where the groom comes in an elephant and the bride enters the venue in a beautiful palanquin. Such a grand entry was only practised by royalties once.

Another popular way to wed in Kerala is in a boat. Yes, imagine saying vows, exchanging rings or completing your pheres (seven circumambulations) on a huge water boat with the backdrop of beautiful river banks and soothing backwaters. It would surely be a day to remember for a lifetime.

The travel and accommodation arrangements are also quite flexible in such weddings. The close relatives and families stay at the location and the guests are entertained in a nearby hotel or guest house.

Wedding used to be a one day affair but things have changed and many couples prefer a 3 day ceremony. Destination weddings in Kerala are known for such practises. The events involves pre-wedding and post-wedding ceremonies/parties. Couples today love such big celebrations with loads of singing, dancing and fun games. Such an extended ceremony is a part of every big marriage ceremony today irrespective of their religion.

The couples often have impressive South Indian wedding cards to make their ceremony more authentic and compatible to the wedding theme.


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