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High Tech Wedding Planning For IT professionals - Java-SQL Wedding Planners

High Tech Wedding Planning For IT professionals - Java-SQL Wedding Planners by parekhcards 13/11/2014 at 4:00

The wedding day is one of the most memorable moments in every couple's life. This is the reason why people hire the best professionals for their wedding planning. A team of professional planners can make your wedding extraordinary. A good wedding planning company can make your wedding a unique experience.

One such agency is the "Java-SQL Wedding Planners Pvt. Ltd". This firm was started by a former IT professional. Today it is amongst one of the most unique wedding planning agencies in India. They are hired by more than 500 couples from the IT sector.

High Tech Wedding Planning High Tech Wedding Planning | Image Resource :

Guest List : The process of creating a guest list carried out by this firm is totally different from other wedding planners. They use artificial-intelligence and advanced data-mining techniques to list out the guests. They also analyze your social media profiles to find people who deserve an invitation.

Wedding Venue : These weddings are kept away from the chaos of the city. They are deliberately planned at remote locations, so that only your good friends and relatives would be there for the ceremony. This also helps in planning a budget friendly wedding.

Wedding Invitations : They also help the couple in choosing and sending out invites. Java-SQL wedding planners also send their awesome Indian wedding invitations through Email, E-vites and social media; this makes the process a lot more convenient.

Gifts: Supporting the ideologies of our honourable prime minister Narendra Modi guests are requested not to bring gifts. Rather they can offer the couple for a canteen meal or offer them their Sodexo passes.

Live Wedding Streaming : This is one feature that you don't get with other wedding planners. Your loved ones who cannot make it to the wedding can still be a part of it through live video streaming. This allows you to share your special day with your friends and relatives who are abroad or reside in other parts of India. This feature is the “USP” of Java-SQL Wedding Planners and the major reason behind their success.

Send the wedding cards : Choose the perfect Indian wedding invitations and send them to your guests.


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