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How To Save Money On Your Wedding By Planning It Perfectly!

How To Save Money On Your Wedding By Planning It Perfectly! 23/01/2015 at 4:00

Planning the right wedding budget is often a daunting task for couples. Many couples have a difficult time planning a wedding. Here are some of the tips that can help you while planning a budget friendly wedding.

Affordable Wedding Outfit:

Affordable Wedding Outfit Affordable Wedding Outfit | Image Resource :

Rather than hiring expensive designers for designing your clothes, it is advisable that you choose an affordable bridal clothing line. You can also choose a tailor who specializes in creating wedding outfits.

Choose Simple Wedding cards:

Choose Simple Wedding cards

Often couples choose expensive Indian wedding card designs with lavish artwork, designs, ink and paper. If you go for the simpler wedding invitation then you can definitely save a good amount of money. So, concrete on the words and thoughts that you want to convey, rather than just the look of your wedding invitation.

Look For Wedding Sales:

Look For Wedding Sales Look For Wedding Sales | Image Resource :

As soon as you decide to get married, make sure you look for a wedding sale. Many stores regularly introduce sales and discounts for wedding outfits. You can get discounts of sarees, lehengas, dresses, gowns, suits, sandals, shoes etc.

Buy Minimal Jewellery:

Buy Minimal Jewellery Buy Minimal Jewellery | Image Resource :

Jewellery can increase your wedding budget. So make sure you don't accessorize that much. You can keep it simple, classy and elegant with minimal jewellery. You can also get jewellery from sales. Buying jewellery from such sales often offers you with free stuff or goodies such as sarees, shirts, shoes etc.

Follow The Wedding Budget Plan:

Follow The Wedding Budget Plan Follow The Wedding Budget Plan | Image Resource :

Don’t just go on a shopping spree. Plan everything thoroughly. Make a list of stuff that you need and evaluate whether they can fit into your wedding budget. You may need to compromise on few aspects.

House Furnishing Budget:

House Furnishing Budget House Furnishing Budget | Image Resource :

If you are moving into a new apartment or house after the wedding, then make sure to plan a “house furnishing budget”. Do not mix up this expense with the wedding budget. If you cannot afford everything then you should only get stuff that is crucial such as ceiling fans, lighting, gas stove, cupboard etc. You can buy the rest later.

Advance Honeymoon Package:

Advance Honeymoon Package Advance Honeymoon Package | Image Resource :

Book your Honeymoon package in advance or wait for a great travel package. Off- seasons can be a great time for booking honeymoon packages.


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