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Importance Of A Pre- Wedding Shoot

Importance Of A Pre- Wedding Shoot by parekhcards 25/02/2016 at 2:30

The newest trend in the field of photography is the pre wedding shoots. These wedding shoots help to build the confidence in the couples for the final wedding shoot. The cost of the pre- wedding shoots may be included in your package or may incur some extra cost which purely depends on the package you go for.

Why To Opt For A Pre-Wedding Shoot?

Most of the photographers include a pre-wedding shoot in their packages as it helps them to know the clients well in advance before the wedding day. This way, the photographer can understand the requirements of the clients in advance and the comfort factor increases for the final D-Day clicks. The couple will be more relaxed and natural in the pictures as they will be more confident now being in front of a camera.

Pre-Wedding Shoot Pre-Wedding Shoot | Image Resource :

Usually, a pre-wedding shoot takes place 3 months prior to the wedding day. Natural light helps the photographer to capture the couple in the most natural way and hence mostly outdoor locations are used for the shoot. Often the couple is clicked together in a frame, but some individual clicks are also taken to determine how they would be photographed on the wedding day.

Building rapport with your photographers is a crucial key, as having a stranger with you all the time and clicking would be difficult. Understanding the style of photography and the way of working during the pre-wedding shoot will give you a clear idea about what your wedding day clicks would look like. It will give the clients the required confidence that the photographer will capture fantastic shots on their special day.

If the photographer is new to the venue you have decided, then it is better to visit the venue before the shoot to get accustomed to the place. for example, if you have an autumn or winter wedding; then go for a summer pre -wedding shoot to have a variety of images with seasonal natural beauty.

The final clicks of the pre-wedding will help the couple decide the changes they are looking for. The feedback is very important for the photographer to change the way he/ she is clicking and to make your requirements clearer for the final day clicks as you will not get a second change on your wedding day.

Pre-wedding shoot acts like a rehearsal for the wedding day. The overall look and the photography can be changed if you don't like it, whereas you don't have this option if you hire the photographer just for the wedding day.

These few tips will help you get some finest clicks on your wedding day. Plan in advance for your pre-wedding shoot so you have ample time for deciding on several aspects of the photo shoot.


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