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Important features of a Christian Marriage ceremony

Important features of a Christian Marriage ceremony by parekhcards 15/07/2014 at 5:00

Christian weddings are known for their simplicity. The highlight of any Christian wedding is when a man and woman make their vows promising each other that they are completely committed to the each other. This pledge they make is one of the biggest promises of their lifetime. Majority of times, Christian weddings are carried out in a church. It can also be conducted in garden. However, the presence of priest is important. Christian wedding ceremony cannot be completed without the ordinance by a priest. Bible or any other Christian scripture does not have guidelines on how to conduct a Christian wedding. These guidelines are set by the church.

Organizing a Christian wedding is a difficult task. You need to take care of many things such as the seating arrangement, catering services, gowns, selection of venue, choosing the right christian wedding invitations etc.

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In this blog, we have shared some of the important aspects that you need to know about a Christian wedding :

Arrangement of seats for family members : Proper arrangement of seats is an important aspect of any ceremony. If done wrong, it can upset many close family members. A perfect seating arrangement includes couple's siblings, grandparents, parents and other close relatives in the front followed by close friends and other guests.

Processional event : During this section, the priest states all the points related to the marriage and introduces the groom and bride to the guests.

Prayer to Lord Jesus Christ : Here the priest offers a prayer to Jesus Christ. This prayer is said by everyone in the ceremony which includes the priest, groom, bride, family, friends and guests. Here everybody asks for the blessings of Lord Jesus for a happy and prosperous married life.

Vows and Commitment : As mentioned earlier, this is the most special moment of a Christian marriage ceremony. Here the groom and bride read their vows to each other showing their willingness to commit to this new relationship.

Exchange of rings : This is yet another important section of a Christian wedding. Here the bride and the groom exchange their rings with each other. The groom and bride put their rings in each other's finger and then the priest pronounces them husband and wife. The guests show their appreciation and joy by clapping and congratulating the couple.

The ceremony ends with the final prayer by the priest. Here everybody lights up the candle and raise their hand up while praying to the Lord for the newlyweds. Ceremony ends and everyone exits the church after the groom kisses the bride.

I hope that this post was helpful enough in providing details on the Christian wedding ceremony. Feel free to share your favorite aspect of a Christian wedding.


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