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Important features of Islamic wedding cards

Important features of Islamic wedding cards by parekhcards 18/09/2014 at 5:00

Islamic wedding cards are also known as Walima and Nimah cards. Islamic culture is quite different from other religions. There are numerous customs, traditions and rules in this culture. A wedding in Islam signifies the importance of faith and tradition in one's life.

Islamic wedding cards

Like all other weddings, invitations are the most crucial part of a Muslim wedding. Islamic wedding cards are well known throughout the globe for their calligraphy as well as designs. The structure of these cards also makes them unique. Factors such as designs, colors and materials should be considered before selecting a card.

Following are some of the major factors for Islamic wedding cards.

Symbols :

Following are some of the major factors for Islamic wedding cards.

Allah : Many Muslim cards have "Allah" written in Urdu. People find this a great way to show their spirituality and their love for God through invitation cards. This kind of symbol is highly recommended for traditional wedding cards.

Bismillah : The word Bismillah comes from the Holy Quran. In Urdu, the word bismillah means "In the name of Allah". It denotes the faith, praise and support of Allah. By saying Bismillah, you are asking for Allah's blessing.

Crescent and Star : Star and crescent are the most important parts of the Islamic culture. They play a crucial role in all Muslim events. They are considered as the symbol of Islamic faith. The crescent also includes the moon. According to the Muslims, crescent represents the Almighty Allah. This is the reason why most of the Islamic wedding cards have symbols of stars or the moon.

Design :

Design is the most critical part of a Muslim wedding. Muslim wedding invitation designs are greatly inspired from the Arabic/Islamic culture.

Color : Green, blue and white are amongst the most prefered colors in Islamic invitations.

Structure : The structure of such cards must suit the Islamic customs and traditions.

These are some of the major features of wedding cards. So choose the perfect invitations and have a memorable wedding ceremony.


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