1. Importance Of Wedding Cards In India

    The majority of people believe in marriage. Wedding is considered as a once in a lifetime occasion. This is the reason why Indian weddings are so grand. This auspicious occasion is celebrated with great energy and enthusiasm.

    In India weddings, guests are given great importance. They are considered Gods. The blessing of the wedding guest is considered a noble act for the bride and groom. That is why guests are invited in a wedding.

    Wedding Cards In India

    Wedding Cards In India

    The best way of inviting people is through wedding cards. Being invited to a wedding is considered to be a great honor. Wedding cards in India are made to serve this purpose. Therefore,

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  2. Indian Wedding: Answers To All Your Questions

    An Indian wedding is quite different from the events of the marriage ceremony held in other parts of the world. It is a more enjoyable occasion that displays the ancient culture of India, combined with religious rituals that should be observed diligently.

    What happens at Indian weddings?

    Indian weddingIndian weddings | Image Resource :

    Traditionally, an Indian wedding is a religious ceremony, where the bride and groom tie the knot for starting an everlasting relationship. Hence, the necessary religious rituals are followed at the wedding, which is conducted

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  3. Hindu Wedding: Common Questions Answered!

    A Hindu wedding is performed strictly by observing all sacred rituals as instructed in ancient Hindu scriptures. The use of various vibrant colours is a unique feature of a Hindu wedding, as the wedding venue and homes of both bride and groom are lavishly decked with coloured flowers, balloons, and other décor items.

    What are the 7 Hindu wedding vows?

    7 Hindu wedding vows7 Hindu wedding vows | Image Resource :

    According to Hindu marital tradition, the bride and groom need to take 7 vows in Sanskrit during the wedding ceremony. In the first vow,

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  4. Attractive House Warming Cards For Inviting In Housewarming Parties

    Housewarming parties are thrown for celebrating the joy of buying a new house or flat, with the friends and the family members. But the new house owners like to express their joy, by sending beautiful house warming cards to their friends, while inviting them for the party. As these cards are not frequently used, there are very few card designers, who create this type of invitation cards.

    House Warming Cards House Warming Cards

    Tips on choosing attractive house warming invitations

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    • Popular Printing Techniques Applied In Indian Wedding Invitations

      There is no stop to marriages in India, as it is considered to be the most important event in anyone's life. As an Indian, you should have received numerous wedding cards every month, and the process will still be on its track. There is a huge variety of invitations, from fascinating themes to stunning designs, from attractive colors to smart wordings, and the list is long! Not everyone has much knowledge in every element; however, this piece of article will focus on some printing jargons used in the printing industry of wedding invites. The information can even help in understanding the method of printing such cards.

      Indian Wedding Invitations

      Blind embossing: This is a process of

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    • Play The Best Songs On Your Wedding day For Grand Bridal Entry

      The sweet and enchanting aroma while walking on the roads in the late season mesmerizes your mind and softly tickles your soul. It is the wonderful wedding day that waits for the bride and grooms to complete the story of togetherness. The wonderful wedding day is always special for any bride and groom. Every girls dream is to get a perfect wedding and it can be more beautiful with a fantastic wedding song. The entry of a bride into a home quite exciting and when the song will sing by someone dear ones that time, the bride would feel more happy and comfortable.

      Grand Bridal Entry Grand Bridal Entry | Image Resource :

      Choose the Exclusive Songs According to the Theme

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    • How You Should Choose The Designer Wedding Card?

      When the wedding preparations begin, there are a lot of things to be taken care of. One among all the important activities is choosing the right shadi or wedding invites. These invitations are a must to invite the special friends and relatives in your marriage and seek their good wishes. However, a common question that arises is how to go about with picking up and printing the best invites. In order to please the guests, an attractive invitation is a must. This also helps in creating the best memories of your important day.

      designer wedding card india

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    • Modern Muslim Wedding Invitation Wordings Hold The Intensity Of Ethnic Beauty Well

      Are you thinking to make Islamic wedding invitation wordings unique that looks catchy for the guests? Then the selection of appropriate wording is highly required. But, where to get modern wedding card wordings that hold the ethnic flavor of Islamic beauty? Can the retail outlets make Muslim wedding invitation wordings wonderful yet widespread? The answers to these questions must be cleared before availing the option to buy a magnificent card along with sweet-sounding wordings.

      Muslim Wedding Invitation Wordings

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    • Unique Variety In Indian Wedding Invitation Card Designs

      A wedding is a great event in everyone's life. Each couple dreams to have a perfect wedding. Wedding invitations are one of the initial steps towards the wedding day. The Indian wedding ceremonies vary in different states and so do the wedding cards. Read to know about the Indian wedding invitation card designs and patterns.

      Indian Wedding Invitation Card Designs | Image Resource:

      Traditional Wedding Cards From India

      Indians always like to uphold their culture and tradition. They make sure that their wedding cards reveal

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    • Give A Personalized Touch To Your Wedding Invitations

      Personalized cards offer a unique touch to the wedding as it stands out from the rest of the cards available in the market. If you are looking to add that special touch to your wedding, then go for customized wedding cards with creative themes and designs. Put your thinking cap on and show off your creativity while designing your wedding invitations. It will certainly make your special day even more precious.

      Personalized Wedding Invitations

      Planning a wedding is a stressful affair and involves a lot many things that have to be organized before the D-Day. It is important that you lost down all the important chores and move according to avoid the unnecessary confusions. In the

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