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Indian Marriages: A Melting Pot Of Exotic Rituals And A Cultural Extravaganza!

Indian Marriages: A Melting Pot Of Exotic Rituals And A Cultural Extravaganza! by parekhcards 26/08/2015 at 11:00

Indians are a cut above the rest when it comes to celebrating marriages and following the age- old traditions and rituals. We can see a beautiful mix of the past and the present in all the wedding celebrations right from the choosing of a wedding card. The scroll wedding card really carries us to bygone days where Maharajas used similar kinds of invitations to invite the members of the royal family. Similarly, there are delightful traditions followed during an Indian marriage that adds to the vibrancy and keeps the gaiety and mirth rolling!

A sneak peak of some of the delightful traditions that are still followed in traditional weddings:

The Shoe Stealer

During weddings it's the shoes that create ripples of excitement. It is an age old tradition wherein the bride's family steal the shoes of the groom. The groom has to literally pay a high ransom which is demanded by the friends and cousins of the bride to get his shoes back! Only after he has paid the money quoted by the shoe stealers does he get them back and this though is a fun episode it's a real tug of war between the two sides trying to establish supremacy over one another!

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Exorcise Ugliness

The ugly girls with a deformity were supposed to be possessed by ghosts. As a sort of an exorcism, the girl is made to marry an animal. How crazily unbelievable! When that is accomplished, she is free to marry a human!

Lucky Charm

The Mangliks are the unlucky girls who are cursed with the combination of Mars and Saturn in the 7th house of their astrological chart. What does this mean? These girls are supposed to be the reason of the early death of their husbands. Well! Indians have a cure for that too...Marry a tree first, then destroy the tree and be free to marry your loved one!

Natural Beauty

Of course, the bride has to stand out among all and look the most beautiful. Nothing can beat the homemade beauty remedies. A simple paste of turmeric, chandan, chickpea and rosewater applied on the face and body a few weeks before the marriage does wonders for that ethereal glow on the face.

Step In

The best symbolic ceremony is that of Saptapadi...meaning stepping into holy matrimony. Each step the groom and bride take is symbolic of a value- mental physical and emotional balance, prosperity, happiness and fertility.

Baraati's Of The Baraat

Just like the knight who comes in shining armour in every girl's dream, the groom comes in a horseback followed by huge dancing and singing procession. The groom rides a female horse, bedecked in all his finery and he is welcomed by the bride's family and no wedding starts without the arrival of the Baraat!

Going Around In Circles In Sheer Happiness

The ceremony of Pheras is the couple taking seven rounds around the fire keeping the fire as a witness accompanied by the chanting of the priest's prayers. Each round stands for a value which the couple are to keep in mind during their wedded life. These are inclusive of the Dharma, Karma, Artha and Moksha.

The Winner Takes It All

Playing the game to win!!Yes, the game of marriage is to have a win-win situation. The most famous game is where a pot is kept in the centre filled with milk and turmeric, vermilion. Coins and a ring are immersed in it, and the game begins with the groom and bride plunging their hands in the pot to search the ring. The one who wins four out of seven rounds becomes the winner and the one who wins is supposed to have the upper hand in the coming years of the married life too!

Step into the world of these quaint traditions, for a dream Indian Wedding!


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