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Indian Wedding Cards And Its Relevance

Indian Wedding Cards And Its Relevance by parekhcards 18/03/2016 at 11:00

A wedding is a big event in every individual's life and this occasion is celebrated with immense fun. No celebration is complete without loved ones around and hence they are invited for this special event by sending wedding cards. These invitations set the style and theme for the event. Nowadays, we see the concept of e-cards, but the traditional wedding cards are still popular.

Wedding cards from India Wedding cards from India

These cards are like letters requesting the close ones to grace the occasion with their presence. Its importance cannot be overlooked as guests are in important part of the wedding celebrations. Hence, a considerable amount of time is invested in choosing the right card that suits the marriage theme and of course the budget decided.

Wedding cards in India are called as lagna patrika. It holds a special place in the Indian weddings, which contains the list of various events, organized before and after the wedding. They serve a dual purpose, one as an invitation and secondly as a reminder to guests about the marriage venue and the time. The cards are designed with a detailed account of event event of the marriage. The selection process of a card generally goes through one's customs, theme, desire and traditions. Indian wedding cards are available in an array of designs, each styled differently. They are made from different and exclusive materials. The main purpose of lagna patrika is to request guests to attend the different events including the wedding and solicit their blessings.

Traditional wedding cards still rules the market in this modern era. The cards usually have a betel leaf on the cover with the picture of Lord Ganesha on it. Other designs which are famous are pictures of Paalki or the picture of Lord Krishna. The colours used are mostly in the shades of red, yellow, golden, orange and green.

The cards feature separate leaflets for various details and events of the wedding. A Sanskrit recitations also known as mantra is printed on the top, followed by the names of family members and the would be couple. Some cards even have the possible routes to reach the wedding venue for the convenience of the guests.

The Indians living abroad also opts for wedding cards from India for marriages there. The cards depict the traditional beliefs and customs, therefore the people who are having their marriages outside India also prefer the traditional wedding cards from India for the marriage. Choose from the wide range of wedding cards available to make your wedding invitation a unique and memorable one!

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