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Indian Wedding Cards USA: A Mixture Of Culture And Class

Indian Wedding Cards USA: A Mixture Of Culture And Class by parekhcards 13/09/2014 at 3:00

Wedding cards of most nations have a common design, pattern, style or trend. Wedding cards of India are way different from those of other nations. Indian wedding cards USA mix class and tradition in a perfect medley. Here are some significant aspect of this multicultural and modern wedding card.

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Religious Touch

People who hail from India tend to be very religious. Their wedding cards usually have religious sayings or images of different deities. Hindu couples usually have images of Lord Ganesha or Goddess Laxmi. Lord Ganesha is regarded as the remover of obstacles while Goddess Laxmi is regarded as the harbinger of wealth and happiness.

Traditional Patterns

Indians are addicted to some of the traditional patterns. You get to see these patterns repeated in different Indian dresses and also as patterns for Mehendi. One such pattern is the Paisley pattern. You will often come across these patterns on the envelopes of wedding invitations.

Construction of The Wedding Card

Indian couples usually opt for scroll type of wedding invitations. These look royal and appeal to most Indian visitors. These cards come in many different materials like paper, plastic and even fabrics like velvet. You may have to invest a little more to get a velvet card but these definitely look very appealing.

Myriad Shapes

These cards may also come in many different shapes. You very commonly get to see wedding cards shaped like a leaf or a fan. The shape adds to the appeal of the wedding invite. The modern shapes of cards are pretty different. Some couples even opt to design the cards all by themselves. It is an upcoming trend in the wedding industry.

Designer Wedding Cards

The Indians who reside in the US want to have a invitation that stands a class apart. That is why you will find Indian wedding cards USA come in many designer patterns. The designer wedding cards also have patterns like Warli art on it. They actually help to spread knowledge regarding the Indian culture to the world in general.

The modern wedding cards usually include maps to wedding locations to add to the convenience of the guests.


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