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Indian Wedding Invitations Canada Reflect The Core Indian Values

Indian Wedding Invitations Canada Reflect The Core Indian Values by parekhcards 13/09/2014 at 3:00

Indians who stay abroad make sure that they are bound to their roots. Weddings are occasions that clearly reflect the background and culture of an individual. Indian wedding invitations Canada are designed to make sure that the visitors are given due respect and all the traditions are properly followed.

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What are the unique aspects that have to be included in a wedding invitation for an Indian couple?

The Indian couples are very particular that all care needs to be taken while inviting guests to a wedding. They make sure that the cards are designed to please the hearts of the visitors. A guest in India is to be treated like God and should be welcomed in all ways possible.

The cards of Indian couples usually include:

  • Images of deities ( giving it a spiritual appeal)
  • The blessings from family elders ( showing respect to family values)
  • Shlokas or religious verses ( revealing the religious background)
  • Proper address and contact details of both families
  • Map to the wedding location ( a modern day convenience)

They also choose the invitations wisely so that it pleases the visitor. The presence of guests in a wedding ceremony is a show of approval of the wedding. It is thus very significant that close relations and dear ones attend the wedding ceremony.

Modern Traits for Indian wedding Cards

If the couple is brought up in the city, they are often willing to adopt some modern designs and styles for their wedding cards. They design the cards in a fashion that clearly reflects their regional backgrounds. If it is an inter caste wedding, these factors seem more prominent. The cultural and traditional backgrounds of the bride as well as the groom is reflected on the wedding card.

The time has elapsed and people have travelled far away from their motherland yet Indians still remain Indians. They spend money, time and effort to make the marriage a perfect one. A wedding card for Indian couple reflects the same perfection. They are colorful, stylish yet traditional in some ways.


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