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Indian Wedding Invitations USA Merge Style, Class And Glamour

Indian Wedding Invitations USA Merge Style, Class And Glamour by parekhcards 21/08/2014 at 2:00

The Indians who settle abroad adhere to their traditions but want something new and unique when they plan their weddings. This could be the reason why NRI weddings combine both class and glamour. The Indian wedding invitations USA are clear examples of uniqueness in style and class.

Here are some characteristic features that may be aspects of modern wedding cards for non-resident Indians:

Indian Wedding Invitations USA

Musical Cards

Music is a great way of revealing one's traditional backgrounds. You can have a wedding card that has the music which is typical of one's culture. For instance, a Gujarati can have the tune of Garba as he opens his wedding card. If you are a South Indian couple, you may opt for the tne of the Nadaswaram as the background music.

Eco-friendly Cards

The mankind has been responsible for global warming and several other natural hazards. People of the new generation are thus careful and want to protect their environment. The new generation couples opt for eco-friendly cards which do not harm the surroundings in anyway. These are made from recyclable materials. There are several designs and patterns available in eco-friendly cards.

Cards With Unique Sacred Messages

If it is an Indian wedding, it has to have a spiritual touch. People belonging to different cultures and traditions make it a point to give the wedding cards a touch of their own culture. They will have messages like 'Shubha Mangalam Savdhan' or 'Om' written on the card. This gives the entire card a traditional flavour.

Bollywood Themed Cards

Bollywood has been inspiring Indians since many years. Imagine having a wedding card themed as per Bollywood. It is sure to excite your guests. There are several options even to customise these cards. These are sure to make your wedding more exciting.If you go for a Bollywood themed wedding, this can be a first step.

E-wedding Cards

The constant use of internet has increased the popularity of e-wedding cards by three fold. There are multiple options among e-wedding cards. These are not just unique and easy to customise but also pretty cheap. It is also a great way to save valuable resources like wood.


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