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Indian Wedding Traditions And Customs- Sanctity Of Vows

Indian Wedding Traditions And Customs- Sanctity Of Vows by parekhcards 20/04/2016 at 10:00

India is the land of diversity with various traditions, languages and customs. An Indian wedding is a great example wherein you get to see the diversity in customs and rituals. It is celebrated with a great fervor and fun, and this cannot be considered as exaggeration as this ceremony is what brings life to marriage. A wedding is considered as a colorful manifestation.

Indian Wedding Traditions And Customs Indian Wedding Traditions And Customs | Image Resource :

India has witnessed many changes in the past years, but the type of wedding traditions have continued to remain more or less same. It is still full of enjoyment and with great dedication. In India everyone has its own rituals and customs, and it is manifested on the beautiful day of the wedding. Sometimes these famous traditions are greatly influenced by prevailing customs of particular regions and many other things. The Indian wedding traditions and customs in this country is celebrated for a week or maybe longer.

The Different Types Of Indian Wedding Traditions And Customs: -

Wedding is one of the most important day in the life of a person, which is to be celebrated on a grand scale. Family members, friends and relatives make this occasion a day to be remembered. The Indian marriage invitations are sent to near and dear ones to be a part of the crucial moment. Wedding procession is full of frolic and fun. All over the country wedding tradition is considered to be most important and enjoyable ceremony as it vows for a lifelong union.

The rituals are divided in three categories: 1) Pre-wedding 2) Main Day and 3) Post Wedding Rituals. These rituals can be observed in a same disciplined manner all over the country. Engagement ceremony is one of the most important rituals. It can be observed with excellent fervor in various parts of the country. Many pre wedding rituals are also celebrated across the country. There are pre-wedding ceremonies, main wedding day, vidaai and post-wedding ceremonies.

Pre-wedding Ceremonies :- The pre-wedding ceremonies are started days in advance with total fun and fervour. Usually, for various events taking place before the main day only the family members are present. Sometimes, close friends are also invited with the help of Indian marriage invitations to be a part of special events. The henna ceremony is one of the crucial pre-wedding event for a bride. Her legs and hands are decorated with the beautiful patterns of henna.

Main Wedding Day :- The onset of wedding rituals is started with the melodious chirp of birds early in the morning. In the late afternoon, 'Gauri Puja' is performed by the bride and her family. She is gifted by her close family members. They circle around her showering rice on her and touching her feet after every round. The bride is tied with a sacred red thread on her wrist with seven knots.

On the other side of the groom, he too is tied with the same thread and seven knots. At the groom's place, 'Baraat' ceremony is getting prepared with pomp and show, music and dance at the main entrance of the boy's house. The sister-in-law of boy puts traditional eye pencil and dresses him up with 'Sehra'-a traditional groom's hat with strings of flowers in front covering the groom's face.

Then the main wedding main ceremony commences with the Barat function. The groom sits on the mare and proceeds with the near and dear ones dancing in front. The resplendent procession can be manifested by the passers by. In the banquet hall the groom's Baraat is welcomed by the bride's side guests. The girl's mother welcomes the groom with some of their traditional customs. On the stage, the first traditionally important step of the wedding is manifested and fully enjoyed by the guests.

The bride and groom exchange festoons. They sit on the chair arranged for them on them on the stage. People visit the couple gifting flowers, cash or gifts. After a few hours of camera rolling with friends and family the couple is taken to the dinner. The food is followed by the next very important step of marriage-'Phere'. For this the girl changes her attire. The girl with her family and the boy with his family settled near the sacred fire. The Hindu priest starts the Vedic hymns.

With many small rituals the auspicious seven encirclements are performed by the couple around the sacred fire making seven Vows to each other. The boy dresses the girl with the vermicelli and 'mangalsutra'. An emotional step for the girl's family is 'Kanyadan' in which girl's father donates his sweetheart, his lifetime treasure, his daughter to the boy. The wedding is now solemnized with the wishes of the entire close one present there.

Vidaai:- The watery eyes of a bride leaving all her memories behind her, makes this moment the most heart touching. Feeling of parents is indescribable, but palpable to all.

Post Wedding Ceremonies:- The newly wedded couple is welcomed with the basic rituals when the bride reaches her new home-her in-laws place. The traditional games are played like searching of ring in water, opening the sacred thread on the wrist with single hand and so on by the couple together. With all these games and traditional rituals according to region and religion the contemporary Indian wedding is featured.

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