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Innovate your own wedding decor

Innovate your own wedding decor by parekhcards 09/01/2015 at 6:00

There are so many simple and exciting things around you that can be used as pre wedding function decoration ideas, which will surely look unique, and leave a statement. The few examples in this article will you Innovate your own wedding decor

Kites as a theme for the decor for Mehndi functions

Kites can be very good option, they have such vibrant and bright colors which is always a part of every Indian pre wedding function. A lot can be done with it. It can be stuck on the sealing or can be attached with strings from sealing and giving it a flying effect. There also can be kit shaped table mats. Mehandi function is celebrated commonly in Hindu, Muslims and Sikh weddings over centuries.

decor for Mehndi functions decor for Mehndi functions | Image Resource :

Bottles as lambs for the cocktail party theme

Having a cocktail party has become a trend within the Indian youths during a wedding. It would be so much fun to use bottles as lambs painted in different colors, it can also be printed over pre wedding cocktail party invitation card to set tone.

Bottles as lambs for the cocktail party Bottles as lambs for the cocktail party | Image Resource :

Umbrellas as props in folk dance party

Who would have thought that umbrellas could be used in Indian wedding functions, it can be very attractive and unique props that can be used as a decor. Umbrellas hanging with bulbs around it, even small umbrellas can be used as centerpieces on every table.

folk dance party folk dance party | Image Resource :

This a very intriguing idea to create Indian wedding card around decor arrangements for coordinated look in Hindu especially for Punjabi weddings that are inherently colorful in nature.


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