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Know About The Various Wedding Traditions In India

Know About The Various Wedding Traditions In India by parekhcards 22/03/2016 at 11:00

The institution of marriage in India is a perfect example of vivid rituals and customs. The auspicious occasion of the nuptials is celebrated with great fun and fervour. Indian wedding traditions unlike other marriages are full of energy and ethnicity. The traditions in India vary due to various factors like geographical differences, caste, and region and so on.

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An Indian wedding is an apt illustration of various rituals and customs. All the loved ones come together to celebrate the occasion with fun and vigour. Some of the traditions have changed over time, but the basic tradition as still remain the same. The rituals and customs start days ahead of the main day wedding. In many cases, these traditions are influenced by customs of a particular region in the country; a typical wedding may last anywhere from a week to several weeks.

Marriage Rituals And Traditions

These rituals are broadly divided into pre-wedding, main day (wedding) and post marriage rituals. These rituals are observed in the same manner throughout the country with a little difference according to the background of the families.


One of the most important rituals is the engagement ceremony which is termed as "sagai". During this ceremony, the to -be bride and the groom make a commitment to get hitched by exchanging a ring. Then follows the Mehendi ceremony where beautiful henna designs are made on the hand and feet of the bride.

Sangeet ceremony is a fun event where all the ladies sing and dance together. "Haldi" ceremony is performed to enhance the beauty of the to be bride and groom. All the friends and family members apply turmeric paste on the face, hands and legs.

Wedding Day

The wedding day is the most important day as the major rituals are performed on this special day. All the friends and family come together to be a part of this special moment. This day is undoubtedly the most enjoyable and fun-filled one.

On this day, the groom arrives with his family and loved ones at the bride's house. The procession is full of dance, music and fun; it is called as a "baraat" in Hindi. Then the main ceremonies are performed like the seven rounds around the holy fire, applying sindoor on the forehead (a red powder), etc. takes place. These things mark the vows for a lifetime reunion of the bride and groom.

Post -wedding

"Vidaai" is the ceremony where the bride heads to the groom's house after the marriage. The post wedding ceremonies are held at the groom's house, the first being the welcome of the newly- wed couple with traditional "Aarti. There are various other functions that include some traditional games and fun events.

All these fun events with the loved ones around make this whole wedding celebration an unforgettable event for the couple as well as the guests.


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