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Know The Different Ceremonies of Islamic Wedding More Closely

Know The Different Ceremonies of Islamic Wedding More Closely 20/02/2015 at 6:00

From Middle East countries to United States, Islam expands across different elements of culture and politics over varied practices carried on in different countries. An Islamic wedding is considered a religious commitment, and an agreement between Allah and the new couple. Every ceremony in Islam wedding starts and ends by offering prayers to Allah, you can acknowledge this right from the Islamic weddings cards itself.

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Important aspects of Islamic Wedding

There is only one requirement of the wedding, which is signing the wedding contract. The traditions however are different based on Islamic sect, culture, gender separation acts, observance and other aspects. Some couples marry in mosques, while some of them marry in wedding halls where women and men stay separately. A Madhun or a Qazi conducts the marriage.


A Meher is format agreement which specifies an amount which is given by the groom to the bride. Nowadays, a ring is gifted by the groom, along with a small sum which can be money, jewellery, land or anything. Meher is nothing but a guarantee and security for the bride for her new life.


In this Islam marriage ceremony, a marriage agreement is signed between the two parties, which is done by a proposal made by the groom or his family members for the bride. In this proposal, a minimum of two witnesses are required to validate the ceremony. The details related to the Meher are also clearly stated during the ceremony. In this procedure, both the bride as well as the groom has their free will to either accept or reject the offer. The word "Qabul", which means 'I accept' is used three times by the couple to accept the marriage.

Vows and Blessings

This is perhaps the most common wedding ceremony that you can find in almost every religion in this world. Even the Islamic Wedding Cards exclusively mention this ceremony as the parents and relatives from the bride's as the groom's side expect the presence of everyone.


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