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Magnificent Wedding Trends

Magnificent Wedding Trends by parekhcards 28/10/2015 at 10:30

The wedding is always a big day in anyone's life. People dream about a perfect wedding and plan in advance about different preparations for a smooth wedding day. But even the most organized people with the best laid-out plans can go wrong or can exhaust trying to arrange everything properly. In the glittery wedding world what sets you apart is often your personal style statement that's difficult to substitute. The motif of your Mehndi or the exclusiveness of your wedding lehenga can make you look different as your personal style statement.

Here are a few ways in which you can make a mark on your wedding day.

Custom-made Jewellery: Jewellery forms one of the most crucial aspect of a bride's get-up. There are various kinds of jewellery available ranging from traditional patterns, contemporary style made from gold or diamonds or platinum, etc. But wearing a piece of jewellery on your wedding day that has been crafted as per your choice or in other words, customized one, lends you an altogether different look. It may be just one neck piece and earrings instead of all the jewellery, but it's sure to be impactful. The customized ornaments worn by brides are very much in trend these days.

Magnificent Wedding Trends Magnificent Wedding Trends | Image Resource :

Shopping Aid: Since the day wedding date is fixed, a bride is sure in her mind what she wants to wear on her D-day, but till the time she doesn't get it in her hands, she wouldn't be convinced about the design or color. Either it's her bridal outfit or her jewellery it's the same case. She is confused about the place from where she can get her dream stuffs. This is the situation where the shopping aid or assistance comes into existence. The shopping assistance very well knows the exact location and shops or boutiques where you can find your dream attire. They guide you well as per your personal style and taste and act accordingly.

Palatial Dreams: Earlier, weddings used to take place at the bride's home where the groom used to come with the Baraat. With time people started booking spacious and elegant venues where the complete wedding rituals used to take place. Now with time, the latest trend that is being observed is that more and more people are opting for venues outside the city as well as the country. They opt for popular places like Goa or Rajasthan or countries like Morocco, Greece or Italy which are exotic romantic destinations.

That Perfect Shot: Every bride and groom wish to capture their most beautiful moments under lenses to cherish it for a lifetime. Earlier professional photographers used to click multiple photos of the complete occasion and video record it. With time the trend has changed. These days newlyweds are now looking for a more personalized way to mark their day. Portraits, candid moments and behind the scene snapshots are now being neatly crafted into an art prints or book pattern. They wish to have their photographs in romantic white and black pattern, vintage sepia tone and vibrant color palette.

So if you have your wedding date fixed, try to customize your wedding preparations with these trends and leave a mark on the guest's minds.


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