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Make Budget wedding grand

Make Budget wedding grand 24/01/2015 at 4:00

Not everyone wants to spend a lot of money on a wedding, but that does not mean that it's not possible to have a great wedding. There are some innovative approach that have to be taken but if everything is planned right its will lead to a very successful and a great wedding.

There are some ways to keep the budget under control

Guest list- The basic and the best way to cut down on the wedding budget is to cut down the number of guest. Relatives that you have not met in ages or business colleagues that can help you cut down the count. Inviting just close friends and family will help you to have a meaningful and a relaxed wedding without any social obligation.

The Dress- Women dream to have an exclusive designer dress on their wedding day which turns out to be expensive, but on a tight budget it is a little difficult. With a little effort it can be managed. By selecting a design online buying the fabric and going to a tailor and getting it stitched can be a good option.

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Food in the wedding- Now a days there are people who tend to keep a lot of different verity of food in a wedding which turns out to be very expensive. In a tight budget the verity can be reduced and have basic and tasty food, which is always appreciated by the guest.

Wedding Cards- Wedding invitation cards is an important aspect in a wedding and it has to be given to your guest. There are designers range readymade cards available with check for online buying.

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Decor- Flowers available locally and are produced in that specific season can be used to decorate the venue and create a theme around It wont be that expensive.

Basically it's all about getting creative and innovative with the available things and with the budget that is available to create a great wedding.


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