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Make Your Ceremony Memorable With 8 Wedding Trends Of 2015!

Make Your Ceremony Memorable With 8 Wedding Trends Of 2015! 23/01/2015 at 3:00

2015 brings individuality to the Indian wedding culture. The wedding culture in India is evolving and here are top trends chosen by couples planning to get married this year.

The western influence:

The western influence The western influence | Image Resource :

Many weddings receptions in India are greatly inspired by the western culture. Today wedding ceremonies include stylish dinner settings, subtle decoration and garden parties. Tables are covered with champagne glasses, plates, vintage lace clothes and center pieces.

Flower Power:

Flower Power Flower Power | Image Resource :

Every wedding needs flowers. They bring romance, joy and happiness in every ceremony. Rather than traditional flowers these day couples choose flowers such as ranunculus, hydrangeas, dahlias, peonies etc.

More Greenery:

More Greenery More Greenery | Image Resource :

Brides today want their wedding to take place in an open garden with lots of greenery, shrubs, flowers and birds.

Classy Wedding Invitation:

Classy Wedding Invitation Classy Wedding Invitation | Image Resource :

Every couple wants to impress their guests/relatives and want to make their wedding memorable to everyone. A beautiful designer wedding card can help you do so. Modern couples often prefer simple but elegant wedding invitation designs.

Magic Of Photography :

Magic Of Photography Magic Of Photography | Image Resource :

Many people are quite clear about what they want and how their wedding should look like. This is the reason why they are willing to spend extra for a professional wedding photographer who knows how to capture every moment beautifully.

Champagnes And Cakes:

Champagnes And Cakes Champagnes And Cakes | Image Resource :

It is noted that champagnes and cakes are being served at Indian weddings. Often the food menu is chosen according to the type of champagne being served. You may also see professional bartenders being hired for an Indian wedding.

Go for Samples:

Go for Samples Go for Samples | Image Resource :

Rather than to serve people with plates laden with food, couples prefer serving samples. This allows the guests to understand their liking and there is no waste of food. This technique also allows you to keep the budget in check.

A Table For The Family:

A Table For The Family A Table For The Family | Image Resource :

The Indian way of wedding dining is evolving. Rather than serving people food randomly without a plan; proper table arrangements are made. A separate big table is set up for the entire big family of the couple. At such a table, people can easily talk to each other, share stories and give wedding toasts to the couple.


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