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Make your destination wedding perfect

Make your destination wedding perfect by parekhcards 06/01/2015 at 5:00

A destination wedding is a little vacation for the guest but a lot of work for the couple and their family. As there are a lot of things that need to be coordinated in a destination wedding, as all the arrangements are done by the couple and their family. So here are few tips to help you plan your wedding in a better way. There are many activities that need to be planned for the guest as well and even create a perfect vibe for the wedding.

There are so many places around India to have a perfect wedding, like Goa which has beautiful beaches and a very relaxing mood. Rajasthan is another place which is a land of kings and palaces; it has a royal feel to it, so you can expect a grand and a royal wedding. A place like Thailand is also a great place, lot of Indian wedding is happening there.

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Choose a perfect place and a perfect time-

You need to decide what kind of a wedding you want, a royal and a sophisticated wedding or a relaxed wedding filled with fun activities accordingly look out for places. It is very important to have the wedding in at the right time as the weather needs to be suitable, so for example there is no point of keeping a wedding in Goa in the monsoons as it is has a lot of beaches. Sometimes if you get married at the peak season of that destination things get very expensive. You need to find a perfect time where everything sets in your budget and the weather is an also good enough for a wedding.

Visit the destination-.

Once the destination is been selected, visit that place once or twice to make all the arrangements. It is very important to have a look personally to get a better idea about the venues of the function, the hotels where the guest are going to stay and other arraignments as well. It's better to be prepared rather than reaching on the wedding dates and knowing everything is different then what was expected.

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Good to get help-

In a wedding there is too much of co-ordination that has to be done, and when it is a destination wedding there is more responsibility that has to be taken. Rather than making all the effort why not heir a wedding co-ordinate to do the job. As it is their job to manage weddings they can do all the research, from finding you perfect wedding invitation cards to taking care of the guest's hotel booking and fixing if anything that goes wrong.

Dress in the right way-

When it comes to a destination wedding, it is important to dress according to the vibe of the place. There is no point in wearing a black tuxedo if getting married on a beach in Goa so it is important to dress accordingly.

These are few ways in which you can make your destination wedding better and enjoy the trip rather than stressing on how to get everything done.


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