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Make Your Way Towards Finding A Perfect Hindu Wedding Card

Make Your Way Towards Finding A Perfect Hindu Wedding Card by parekhcards 18/02/2016 at 2:30

Weddings are not just a bond for life, but for all the lives as per the Hindu culture. Hindu weddings incorporate religious customs and traditions which have been followed since ages. A Hindu wedding is generally a 3 to 5 days long affair with numerous functions and rituals. Wedding cards have religious symbols and motifs that are sacred and auspicious for the wedding ceremony. Apart from being visually appealing, the designs and patterns printed have spiritual significance behind them.

Wedding invitations come in a variety of designs, styles and colours to satisfy the varying demands of the customers. The amalgamation of western and eastern cultures has made Hindu wedding cards very popular in the West as well. Many Hindu families staying abroad are opting for traditional Indian wedding cards. Ordering these cards online has made the process easy for buyers all across the globe.

Tips On Choosing A Hindu Wedding Card

Hindu wedding cards Hindu wedding cards

There are numerous places where you will find Hindu wedding cards, these tips would help you to find the suitable card yourself in a convenient way. First and foremost, thing to consider is the "budget" and the theme as a lot many things would be dependent on it. Some prefer an extravagant arrangement while some may prefer small gathering of loved ones. These things would help up choose an apt card for your special day. Following are few tips that would help you do so:


Traditional cards feature embroidery works, bold prints and dark colours. You can also get these cards customized with some hand -painted drawings or designs. Some cards are available with colourful rhinestones and beads that gives an extra edge to the invitations. Cards nowadays are becoming unique and creative. Contemporary cards feature more on the theme of the wedding, for example, if you are having a beach wedding, then incorporate blue hues, sea beads, etc. to showcase the theme of your wedding.

Religious Icons

Using a religious icon on the marriage invitation is a personal choice. Generally, Hindu wedding cards feature icons of Hindu gods and/or goddesses, such as Shiva, Parvati and Ganesha. It is not mandatory to include a religious icon in your wedding invitations. If you go for including these icons, then make sure to use them appropriately and at a proper place. Ideally, it is printed or embedded on the top of the invitation card.

Wedding Scroll And Font

One way to make your wedding invitations special is by showing off your creativity while designing the card and deciding on the scrolls and fonts. The market is flooded with numerous paper scrolls, plated cases and boxes. One more popular trend is choosing a card that mimics henna tattoos.

Font plays a major role in the complete look of a card. So, it is crucial to check how well it goes with the design and the background of the card.

Follow these simple steps to reach to your perfect wedding card in an easy and quick way. So get started!

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