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Modern Wedding Trends And Their Impact On The Market

Modern Wedding Trends And Their Impact On The Market by parekhcards 17/07/2014 at 3:00

The Indian wedding scenario is changing drastically. The choices of the modern generation is way too different from the traditional couples. The modern choices have also greatly impacted the wedding market. Here are some of the drastic changes in wedding purchases and their great impact on the wedding market.

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Gold Is Out Of Fashion

In traditional marriages, gold jewelry and ornaments were a must for the bride. The bride wore loads of jewelry of gold in her ears, neck and even waist. The emphasis was on the amount of gold the bride wore. Today, the bride wants to look perfect. She has jewelry to match her Sari or bridal attire. Women choose jewelry to match rather than show off.

Black Is In Vogue

There was a time when the Indian brides never wore black as this color was regarded evil. Women have matured and so have their thoughts. They love to wear beautiful black attires and gorgeous bridal wear. The inhibitions about color do not prevent them wearing a certain attire. Black is in vogue for brides of India.

'Go Green' Is The New Mantra

The global warming and similar other natural calamities that act as a threat to the humanity have stirred the thought process of modern couples. They are considerate and thoughtful and wish to contribute in their own little way. That is the reason why they have adopted the go green mantra. They even choose the eco-friendly best Indian wedding cards for inviting their guests.

Multi-cultural Wedding Arrangements

The modern couples are not bound by culture and tradition. They know just the language of love. You will get to witness multilingual and multicultural weddings. There are often a medley of customs which leave the guests confused. These modern wedding styles are even more interesting. You will get to see rituals from the north and the south mingle.


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